before the beginning

Hi Everyone and welcome,

Well hello there, this is certainly not the grand opening I had anticipated for the site. I had hoped a bit more for peonies and beautiful gardens. But as many of you already know my sweet Ben was injured and this seems a fitting place for me to provide updates and let you know how we are really doing.  Perhaps we could say that this is not the launch of the site, this is simply an “advanced viewing”. If you wouldn’t mind I would be delighted if you  would make comments, tips, things you’d like to see on the site, more of this, less of that, let me know if something isn’t working quite properly? You are officially my research audience. (put it on your resume! I’ll be a wonderful reference)

So hello and welcome. I’m Kate. Mother of three. Mother of three!  If you check out my About page and the Rose house you can learn a little more about us and our crazy life. As time goes and we get our feet under us I will add more but now lets just say hello and welcome. I am a semi-retired air force pilot, married to a pilot. There is a lot of type A in this house, oh my goodness! Two years ago we bought a century home which we are currently renovating, slowly, sometimes it feels like forever, but then I find a new project and pff we go again! Lucky for you though, we now get to do these projects together. Being the research audience here you get to help pick projects as well. What would you like to see? Do I have products you want to know about? Projects you’d like to see? Lets do it! I can tell you next week we are planning DIY Chalk boards made out of recycled kitchen cabinet doors. I know, I am so excited too!!

Well enough of the preamble, I believe you are all here for The Story of Benjamin….. The answer is yes I will post it. Probably tomorrow. The sun has set, the wild feral children are in bed, Henry the not yet fixed dog has said a most thorough goodnight to the teddy bear Sally “Mommy save Sally!!!!! Whats he doing?” Oh my, Henry, just, oh my….

Goodnight to you all, thank you for stopping by. If you’d like to  introduce yourself that would be lovely. Maybe you can check out who else is here and make a friend or two, or if you just want to stalk me on Instagram a bit thats okay too. Makes me feel a bit fabulous to be honest.

love K



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