well hello there…

Hi hi, how are you?,

“I like to start my notes to you as if we’re already in the middle of a conversation. I pretend that we’re the oldest and dearest friends” -Meg Ryan

We are simply two people sharing a conversation. Today we start with, hey love how was your day? I  say, today is okay! We finally made it to the lake and had such a lovely time. I would even say it’s magical.


Winnipeg Beach

morning coffee nook

After visiting the lake my head is so full of inspiration and ideas. So many projects!!! I promise once we get settled I have some projects in the works that I cannot wait to show you!

Okay so  a little more on the fam jam!
The Grandparents were visiting, having extra grown ups in the house was completely fabulous. Benjamin is doing so well, except…… maybe the tiny little part where last week mommy had the fabulous idea of “lets scare grandma when she comes up for bed!!” This is a common game in our home. To give example: last time grandma came to visit I hid in Lily’s bed, and when grandma came to put her to bed she pulled back the covers but fortunately (for me) she only pulled them back far enough to see a single arm clawing out of the bed sheets at her. She screamed like you would not believe!!! Meanwhile sweet little Lily didn’t even blink, she paused and said “oh thats my mum, I’m going to brush my teeth” and skipped away. Completely unaffected, completely fabulous! Wellll so last week I said to the child, who requires man on man defence at all times;”hey lets scare grandma” before I could finish getting pj’s onto the smallest human he jumped to it and bumped his external fixator (the externally mounted metal face pins). NOO!!!!! ohhhh no no no what will we do with you….?

We called the doctor and off to the hospital we went. We saw our fabulous, amazing (and I hope very very well paid doctor, because he deserves it) and sigh……… we did bump it and it is wiggly. Soo……..we wait a week and hope it’s healing as well as it should.  Even with 4 grown ups it’s a challenge to keep a six year old still. Benjamin is pretty cautious, he just doesn’t comprehend the size of the fixator and we constantly shout “BENNNNNN, too cloossseee”.

the original family uniform i chose

the updated uniform, so much more relaxed

Hopefully we get out of this bubble sooner than later but while we wait we are doing our best to stay entertained.

Well thats enough about us, how was your day?

love K

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