stand in stillness 

Hi everyone, how is the giant world out there doing. You may have noticed I’ve retreated from the giant world a touch. We have pretty much moved to the lake for the summer. I’m trying to cloak our family in the sweetness of lake life. The sky is bigger, the lake goes from perfect glass to wave crashing ovens within a day of each other. Every day we get up and look to see what kind of lake we have today. Two to four days a week the children go to summer camp at the little park down the street. It’s incredible and the perfect hours of 10-3. Tennis pros, magicians, kayaks and artists. We’ll have to do an entire post on the amazingness of camp. Even sweet Benjamin goes to camp under the watchful eye of the nanny we hired to drive in and out from the city every day and be his watchful bubble as sigh, yes, we still have pins. I have no more idea when the pins come out as would you. We just have no way to tell if it’s healing or not. Time. Time will tell us. And then there is me. I really don’t know what to tell you which is why I’ve been so quite. I’m not happy, I’m not unhappy, I’m probably a little angry at the woman who ran a light and hit my son with a car changing our lives forever. The woman who didn’t bother to ask if he was okay. I sometimes wonder if she fixed her car right away or is the dent in the metal of her Volvo a reminder of what happened. Because that was my son, my family and our lives are forever not quite the same. I know I’m traumatized by the event. I think I’m a little traumatized by the world right now in general. Last week a woman wore a mask in the city walking up and down the street with a fake gun to her head. Our nanny missed it by only a couple minutes I just don’t know what’s happening this world. It’s all the little extras we’ve stopped doing. Why do I have to fight with insurance over a childcare and blender for my six year old son. Yes I want the 400$ blender that makes smoothies and ice cream and soup. All he’s eaten for 6 weeks in purée Kraft dinner, pudding and milkshakes. He looks grey. In the end they’ll pay 300$ and cover a nanny to take him to camp. But why was it so hard. Why didn’t you see a sweet six year old miracacle child survive this and say oh my gosh, what can we do to help? MPI insurance, I give you a solid “meh”!  My doctor said HEADLINE  ” MPI insurance declines active Canadian forces service couples disabled son smoothie maker and essential life preserving supervision”. They have said they’ll pay but I think it was because I lost it. He’s six, Its not like I’m asking for a capachino maker! ……breathe out…..and then we breathe deep and try to let that go. Stand still, breathe in, breathe out. There has been so much change, life is swirling around me, but if I just stand still in the middle of it maybe I can catch my breathe. Just for a moment….. 

Focus on the beautiful moments. Stand in stillness. Enjoy what you have. 

(Cousins in love) 

I think I’ll go for a bike ride 

Waiting, waiting, maybe? 

We are off to our six weeks-ish follow up for Sweet Benjamin. 

This kid has been a trooper but I think we are ready to move on. There is a giant floaty donut in the lake with our name on it! 

It’s not that we haven’t had fun, we loved the ferris wheel at the carnival, tilt a whirl, not so much! There was a bit of an incident involving the emergency stop button and a premature exit from the ride. Oh oh. Back to the Ferris wheel! 

And there are the happy sandy days spent on the beach 

So wish us luck, cross your fingers and say a prayer, let’s hope these pins are history!!! 

Love K 

Chairs chairs chairs

Today’s project contemplations are all about the dining room. Years ago we had a custom made table made from this lovely sweet builder in Nova Scotia. I grew up in Nova Scotia and it has always been a special reminder of  where I came from. The chairs however, I do NOT care for. I remember when we purchased them I didn’t love the design but I was young and didn’t understand the value of loving a chair. Is that a thing? Do we love a chair? Well I can certainly tell you when we don’t love a chair! I thought suck it up buttercup, it was going to cost an extra $80 per chair to change the style and husband (then boyfriend) said meh, lets just take them. I think think it was out first communal purchase. Well flash forward 10 years and I still don’t care for the chairs and surprisingly husband also does NOT care for the chairs. How funny is that? It’s so exciting when he is on board with a project but at the same time it then adds so much pressure because he might actually care about the outcome, EEEP! Although he is not my go to for interior decor I do still want him to be happy and comfortable in our home, it is “our” home, we should all love it.

Our dilemma now is purchasing items that will suit our current home as well as our “forever house” style. Do I purchase items for my forever home which currently exists  only in my mind and in magazine tear outs in a Tiffany blue binder or do I purchase what suits out home right now? Is there a middle ground? So clearly I headed to the Internet!

I want a dinning room that is practical and beautiful. Our current dining room is very dark, 3/4 height dark wood panels. Since the moment we moved in we have struggled with the epic question of  do we paint it out? Much of the wood has been replaced over the years so no one’s heart need be broken, it is not all hundred year old wood, but it is still a big decision? If we do will it take away from the character of the home? Or are we simply bringing it into the modern day? Before we make such a great decison can we brighten the room without paining? Let’s look at some of our options:

Wayfair now has a Canadian site. Those who follow me on Instagram know I’m a huge fan of Wayfair and Joss and Main, so many options! I love their search engine as well as the free shipping!

This navy option is completely divine but ends up being about 2 inches too long and perhaps better suited for a different area of our home.

This tufted linen bench would match our bed frame fabric fabulously as well as our white room sofa, adding flow. The oatmeal color gives the appearance of white but is so much more durable.

Then we have the simple classic wooden bench. I do worry the amount of wood in the room combined with all wooden seating is too much for the space, which leads us back to the question of do we paint the room?


I also checked out Ikea, we have one in the city so that’s a huge consideration. I do love instant gratification!  Personally I love the long tufted bench but it is not selling with the husband. I wondered is there a compromise where we could both be happy? I’m thinking in lieu of  the tufted seat we could do one long bench seat, wood, no padding, completely wipeable and the other side 3-4small (replaceable)upholstered stools, and add in formal seating at the ends.

Formal end seating:

Long bench:

Small stools:


No matter what I choose I want it to be adaptable and cleanable. Kids are messy and that’s a fact!

I’m a little bit in love with the small stools. What do you think?

xo K