Good Morning

Hi and good morning! It’s been such a long time since, I know.

Today I woke up to softly falling snow, I paused the alarm at least 3 times so I could have extra cuddles. Every morning Lily and Henry cuddle. This morning I was lucky and caught little boy morning kisses as well. In their pjs 7:45 to 8:00am is my very favourite time of day. There is no where to be yet(even though we all know I’m going to be late), there are little voices sneaking about stealing extra tv time and the giggles! Lily demanding I place my arm just right so the cuddles are the best, Henry wiggles himself in between everyone so he can have the best cuddles. It’s the best part of my day.

So then we were slightly late for school, as always, and now I thought I would drink tea by the fire and maybe its time to say hello to the world again.

I found a number of post that never made it to publish, the summer was a bit of a challenge but we are making our way back to our normal level of chaos. Enjoy your beautiful Monday, wherever you may be xoxoK


(From May 2016)

This morning we got off to a slow start, it seems we weren’t quite done with the weekend and someone forgot to set their alarm (blushes) oops. We got things under control and are back on track. On the bright side my rhubarb is growing like mad and look how beautiful these peonies are I got from our local florist. I love riding my bicycle to pick up beatiful blooms, it feel a little magical to ride about with a bouquet of flowers, the sun on my face and the wind blowing in my hair. Just give me a fedora and I imagine I’m on the beaches of Santa Monica! image

Thinking how much you love my ring and how jealous you are? It’s fairly fabulous! Don’t worry it can be yours too, secret tip:it’s a Walmart special, $30 I know right?! I bought it when I was pregnant and after Lily my fingers never went back and I still haven’t sized my ring. No one ever notices the difference shhh, it’s our secret .

How is your Monday going? This whole being at home thing is fairly new for me. I’m loving the chatter of children returning home from pre-school and coffee in the sunshine. Truth be told I cannot wait for school to be out. I may be more excited than the children!

These flowers are so gorgeous, my arranging skills will hardly do them justice. I cannot wait until my garden peonies are blooming. They’re starting to bud and I am so excited. image As for the rest of the day what should we do with all this fabulous rhubarb?! What’s your favourite?

xoxo K


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