Well hello there,

We are in the midsts of the most beautiful snowfall. I’m sure everyone swerving through snow covered streets with icy ankles and wet socks won’t agree with me but from my view by the kitchen window it is absolutely gorgeous! Softly falling snowflakes, giant snow plow piles for kids to jump off. I know the entire first and third grade is delighted as snow forts were beginning to crumble, and the raiding and looting of old snow chunks was about to get out of control! I received this information very seriously from the “second-in-command” of “the second fort past the gate”, also known as Benjamin, my 6 year old. So this is clearly a HUGE relief in my day. Phew. Stand down your first grade warriors, there is enough snowfall for all!!!

I thought I would share another post that never made it to publish. Todays post is so fitting as it is Henrys Birthday!!! Yay! Henry has turned out to be the kindest, gentlest, sweater wearing, loving companion dog. If you follow me on Instagram you know how much I adore him, he not only sleeps with me but also snuggles in under the blankets every morning the second husband leaves, he generally prefers little spoon. He certainly may also be the most pretentious puppy ever. Henry legitimately loves his Hudson Bay sweater. I have to keep it hidden, as soon as he sees it he chases me about and pushes his little puppy face in it until I put it on him. It gets a touch soggy in the snow and we have to dry it, oh the horor of waiting for it to dry. Such a funny little thing he is.  In honor of his birthday we are going to buy him a new sweater. He will be delighted.

I hope you all have the most wonderful day, I am going to have some hot cocoa and snuggle in.

Love K

(Spring 2016)

Welcome! Meet Henry.IMG_1565

Henry is an American cocker spaniel.  Henry came to us in a cruise ship carrier via airplane.imageHe could peek his tiny face out a little hatch in the ship and honest to goodness the entire airport swooned. One day he will look just like lady from Lady and the Tramp. He’s starting to already. Henry has the longest eyelashes and the softest paws, but my favourite is when he runs, he has the best ears!imageTo be completely honest  everyone in the family got to submit to his full name.  It is in fact Henry Pepperoni Hercules. But you can call him KiKi. How that came to be I have no idea but it involves a cute little ginger girl.

In  choosing Henry I wasn’t just looking for a pet.  I wanted a perfect fit for our family, a companion, a sibling, a best friend.image So far Henry has been all of that and so much more!

( with the  obvious exception usually my best friend doesn’t pee in the living room…..sigh)

Oh well, this too shall pass, right?!


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