happy new year, welcome to a year of living kate

Good morning all! I hope everyone had a fabulous new year. I can’t say we did but we are having a fabulously lazy new years day. We’re currently playing Lego dimensions and editing you tube videos for the small humans new channel. Jack got a waterproof camera for christmas and we are totally into it. We went sledding and strapped the camera to his head. We’re also mulling over a morning pizza purchase or visit to the Pancake house, neither of which I’ve ever done before but totally want to. The littlest just walked in drinking directly out of a 2L soda bottle and said “I drank a lot, I’m going to be crazied up, CRAZIED UP!” Fabulous parenting, sigh…. (note: in general we don’t allow soda in the house for that exact reason. It’s an out of the house run wild in someone else’s space type of thing.)

So okay here we go, welcome to a year of living kate. I stopped blogging because i felt like i couldn’t be honest anymore. So much has happened to our family in the last few years. Whats the point of blogging if it’s just a show, I just ran out of energy and I kind of have forgotten who I am. So here we go, welcome to a year of living kate, honestly.

I am 38 years old, I gained thirty pounds last year (yes yes I know, pancake house, honestly F-U I was thinking the same thing but I want to go regardless, I promise to ride my bike later)

i had cervical spine surgery in 2015, it didn’t heal well I do an excellent  game face

i have a puppy who may possibly be the most pretentious dog ever. i put sweaters on him. I’m embarrassed I’m one of those people who has a sweater wearing dog but its minus 30 and he loves them, I believe in my heart he should be the official Hudsons Bay dog.

I lie to my therapist’s, plural. i don’t want to make them feel sad. That just makes me sad.

I feel like whenever I’m really honest I make people cry. I made the veterans affairs man cry while he filled out my applications (my “dexterity” isn’t great all the time so some days my hands don’t work, note the lack of proper punctuation, you will just have to live with it, as do I)  To note VAC has been so kind to me, thus far.

I am  never physically comfortable but I am not lying when I say I am overall legitimately happy, just while being unhappy about the slow failure of my life, if that makes sense. We can talk about it more later.

So thats my first little blurb of reality for you. I think you should be excited. Legit! The things I’ve been hiding saying are wildly entertaining in my head. I’ll edit and add photos and link Jacks video later but my fingers hurt from the keys so I’m going to go see if I can convince the family to play a game of hide and seek.  Thats the kind of house we have. Welcome to a year of living Kate, Honestly.

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  1. Shelley Vanderbyl says:

    I love this Kate. Even in pain, and even with all your losses, you have an amazing personality. I still think about how you posted pictures of your outfits on the way to those appointments. I thought about it when my cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer, and we went shopping for cosy clothes to wear during chemo, and for head scarves. You still sparkle, Kate.

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