Day 1

Day 1: Pancake House won. I skipped the hash browns and had tomatoes. Old me would say it was to “save calories” so I could pretend like I’d made a good decision and we could all nod heads in agreement of my good choice but honestly I just don’t care for potatoes. I once heard that if they tried to introduce the potatoe in modern day the FDA wouldn’t approve it as a food.

Did anyone make New Years resolutions? Me? Yes. Just One.  News years resolution: buy make up remover wipes and take off makeup before bed so I stop waking up looking like a haggard ass whore. 

So…. How was your New Years? What did everyone do? I spent New Years sitting in the dark of my dining room faintly able to see fireworks over the trees arguing with my husband. Arguing over small things and big things. I told you we were going to be honest now. We argue. So that’s how we spent New Years, no party, no resolutions, no kiss at the drop of the ball. But that’s life isn’t it? It’s not always the dream but as long as we move on and learn I think it’s okay. I think we put so much pressure on doing everything right that we forget about the moment. One of my therapists, one, lol, the one from “The Pain Clinic” says that if we are always looking for happiness, if we are always grasping at it, then we forget about the moment we are in, and in forgetting that, are we missing it?

Today is fine, lovely even, business as usual. Part of our discrepancy was what should we do for holiday. (jusy 1 little part of it) so we booked a little family vacay. (Husbands hates when I say vacay, hahaha). I cannot wait to tell you about it already, it’s so gorgeous here. Tonight we went swimming where the littlest is a daredevil extrodinaire on the giant water slide, and then we stuffed them with food and went skating by ourselves just behind the room. Best of all sweet Henry came with us. He’s such a part of the family, I do love him so. 

 Now the children lay quietly chatting amongst themselves falling asleep. (Chatting/bickering? No one is saying “mommy mommy” so I call it a win. )

I hope your day was as wonderful as mine. I cannot wait to tell you all the fabulous things we are doing this week. I’m completely exhausted and my neck feels like poo but so it goes. Life moves forward. Let us move with it. ❤

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