It’s A Winter Wonderland

We I say “we” decided we needed to go on a Family vacation to reconnect. I voted for Cuba, or some such other warm holiday. Husband voted for something more local and of a wintry outdoorsy nature. Mysteriously when he went to the passport office to renew Lily’s passport and was given the option of expedited shipping, perfectly in time for holidays, or sort of rush no so fast will come half way through the holidays, he chose the later. So… What are we supposed to do with that? Leave the baby and she’ll catch up with us halfway through? Why bother to pay and expedite it at all. I said it was so he could pretend like he tried while still leaving a very solid message that this isn’t happening.  This was all part of our New Year’s Eve debacle/fight/hot mess. So hello winter wonderland!

I’m not going to say this was a better choice but in the end it is an absolutely lovely choice. I hope once the kids go back to school I can do a full post on the loveliness of this resort.  There’s an indoor water slide, yes of course we strapped the go pro to the small humans head, what kind of parents do you think we are. We snowshoed, skated, sort of, the children refused, such city kids! Husband dog and I had a marvellous time skating under the winter stars with twinkling lights all around. Yesterday snowshoes. And today went skiing. I feel like there are two distinct version of every story I could tell you. This is no different, and it’s part of my ongoing blog struggle, how much show and how much truth?  I guess all we can do is try them out. 

Old Kate: today was an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun was so warm and beautiful, for winter in Manitoba anyway. We rented skis and the small boy humans did an absolutely amazing job. This is their first time cross country skiing. We actually went once, took a break for hot cocoa and cake and then went back out again. It was so pretty skiing through the woods, we liked it so much we talked about getting a set of our own and going on the weekends. 

New Kate: today was an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun was so warm and beautiful, for winter in Manitoba anyways. Not like yesterday where the air hurt my face so badly I thought I’d never go outside again. I wouldn’t have but the dog really needed to pee and husband took the smalls to the water park before me so I had no choice but to go. I determined the wind was no longer blinding and we could exit the building. It really was a gorgeous winter day. We rented skiis and the boy small humans started out with me ahead and did an absolutely amazing job. Mostly. We left the hotel room in full winter gear, balaclavas and all, if you’re not Canadian you’re probably not familiar with that term, it means full face mask, imagine a-la bank robber movie. We got to the rental room where they laid starfished like the little brother from A Christmas Story while I shoved boots onto their feet and held poles against their limp bodies to check for proper length, in the end just shoving short ones at them. The desk lady came in and I excused myself to the rest-room forcing her to watch my kids, mostly just to have a break, partly to preemptive love you take some drugs for my neck. We finally had all our equipment and I asked where we should start, meaning just outside the back door or front door but the desk clerk told me there was a “staging point” just up the hill. A what? Fuck off. I had 2 kids so fully dressed I’m not sure they have eyes, now I have to walk up a hill? They’re not going to carry their stuff, we all know it. Honestly?  So there we go happily a bouncing along. I’m all cheery and “just this way kids!” While carrying three sets of skiis, grateful I took pain pills.  We get to the “staging point” and I am sweating. Like SWEATING.  The kids are screaming that we’re in what seems to be a parking lot, this is so easy, yes? The entire background while we’re in the parking lot is filled with screams about getting hit by a car. Like that’s not upping my stress level. To note, one car passed the entire day, not even in our little lot.  It seems skis are harder to put on than I remembered. Even harder to put on another flailing human. It seems I may have forgtten how all together. Sweating more, if possible. Okay so we are skis on in the parking lot ready for the trail. The parking lot is pure ice, everyone is slipping and falling everywhere, I should have walked a little further. We head to the little orange trail sign. Pip pip we have got this, got this! Get to the sign.  Very first thing, a hill. Down. I haven’t skid in years. I’ve had neck surgery. Oh god.     I do what every sensible person would do. I say okay boys ” WATCH THIS” you’ve just got to look where you want to go. It’s just like flying a plane, I can do this. Look where you want to go, look where you want to go, oh my gosh too fast, too fast, I want to go in the soft soft snow, gahhhh! 
And basically that’s how we got to early hot cocoa and break time. The rest of the trip was equally hot mess but I didn’t lie, it was beautiful. The whole fam went on the second round. Lily went pulled via red sled and cried almost the whole way but when asked later said she had a great time and she hopes the red sled is available again tomorrow. I mean, what do you say to that. Lol.

I hope you enjoy both versions, tell me when I’ve gone too far with the honesty, we’re learning, it’s a team effort.  Have a wonderful day.

(I’ll try to add photos but otherwise you can check out my Instagram feed, there’s a link here somewhere, on the left? Do you see it? I can’t see from here but I think it’s there)

Love K

4 thoughts on “It’s A Winter Wonderland

  1. Rana says:

    I am actually really enjoying the more honest posts, truthfully I had a hard time swallowing the showy ones and you kinda lost me. I like you and I want to keep getting to know YOU. I can hardly believe how much pain you are in and have been in for so long.

    • thislovelydayca says:

      Why thank you. I really like you too! I think it’s really important I start being honest. I think people could learn from my experiences and I know I can learn from people here.

  2. Patricia French says:

    I like both versions, but if I had to pick, the second is my favorite. Nobody’s life is rainbows and sunshine all the time. I like hearing your comic rendition of how the events have gone down (chaos include, because who can have three kids without chaos) I love reading you blog!

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