Day…well I think it’s the 7th

Fail. Haggard whore wins again. Why can I not get this resolution thing going? So because I love you all I give you this gift.

I swear to goodness I didn’t blur this out. The camera wouldn’t focus on my face. Not a joke, I laughed so hard. So this, this is not for Instagram this is blog exclusive you have to commit to see this photos, lol. This is how I wake up almost every morning. Mascara smeared across my pillow, puffy red face. I don’t know why I wake up puffy and red. Once I get going the swelling goes away. It freaks me out ab it but seems to be the standard. ┬áLast night I fell asleep at 7:30 with the kids, this never happens, except 2 days ago when it also happened. Yesterday I didn’t wake up until 930 either. These are the parts that other people don’t get to see they just get to see the happy and the shiny in the middle. I’m having a great time at the resort it’s amazing, I love that Benny loves to ski, the kids are adorable and fun, husband is like a king in his palace, he’s so happy here we extended a day, and then we extended another day. Im loving it but it takes its toll on me. Thankfully I’m still laughing. Because it could be worse, who doesn’t like a good whore pic? I’m happy to be and grateful for what I can do. (That’s honest. The angry, ridiculous unfairness, we can talk about that another time. For now I’m going to meet the fam at the pool and play the shark.
Omg I’m going to get ridiculous porn hits on my site forever aren’t I -oh well ha ha maybe they’ll like the site and stay.

Gosh I love her

Okay so tomorrow, no whore face!? ! We got this!

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