Truthful Thursday

Good Mornings

I thought maybe we would do a little  truthful Thursday. I know I post a lot of clean white pictures and people ask me how I can have so much white? Well A. I love a clean slate, and B. it often cleans more uniformly and C. I try to buy everything machine washable. Including our sofa. Anyway I thought I would share with you what our house actually looks like on a typical morning.

I just snapped this picture quickly this morning. Jack is talking to me about something, I can’t remember what but look at his hands! He is so clearly the son of pilots, I don’t know if you know but pilots love to talk with their hands, its our thing. I didn’t notice when we were talking that he was doing it. Now that I look at it my heart is filled with joy and I couldn’t be prouder. He’s going to be hot stuff …..and I think he know it, that face!

If you look past our overdue library books, yesterdays art and pilot son you can see Henry in his Hudson’s Bay dog Sweater that he refuses to take off and he’s eating someone’s toy. I have no idea what nor do I care. If you don’t want the dog to have it put it up. Mama doesn’t care anymore. Keep going and you can see our crazy lego, skylander,dimensions hot mess toy table. It used to be the train table but we outgrew the trains somewhere along the way,  we painted it with chalkboard paint and it is a completely repurposed fabulous toy table.

And finally behind that Lily And Benny are having hot cereal by the fire, while riding a wooden sled. I mean why not, our children are quite the indoor kids during the winter. city kids, unfortunate seeing as we live in the prairies, filled with nature, and snow, and stuff. If you look closely Benny is brandishing a metal Christmas tree and Lily is about to hit him with that pillow, that OR the pillow is a reindeer and the tree is a present they are out delivering. I’m not sure. Both stories work for me.

So welcome, welcome to our morning routine. Whats yours like? Feel free to send pictures or post and tag me on Instagram. #thislovelyday

Have a beautiful day

love K


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