Old Man Winter

Oh my good heavens it is so cold here this week. I want to say it’s -40 C but I’m afraid to look. For those of you who live in America -40 C is pretty much -40 F which either way you write it is sweet sweet cold. This morning I wore my old military flying snow pants in order to keep my legs from turning into frozen statues. (Truth be told I do love bib overalls, always have, so cosy.) After small human drop off Henry didn’t even try to make his routine back lane garbage break for it.

I love how he loves to always have a paw on me. He’s just the sweetest. 
We have sort of been adjusting to these prairie winters and have a few go to things that we like to do. If we’re willing to venture out: 

1. We have a pass to the city Museum, it has a space centre where we can build racecars and play with science experiments, were kind of geeky, I like that. 

2. Roaming IKEA. I heard there are IKEA hide and go seek leagues. I’m trying to convince Husband but so far he’s a bit resistant. 

3. The Forks Market here in Winnipeg is fabulous. I love how they’ve  redone it. If you haven’t seen it since the redo put it on your must do list.My children are currently addicted to Pokémon Go, it’s a great spot for it.  I love the skating, the little shops, the craft beer/wine bar. It’s a pretty big win for all of us. 

OK so let’s say we are not willing to venture out, some of the things we like to do are. 

1. The most obvious is electronics. Any form of electronics. If it has electricity my children want it. We’ve adopted a rule where if you’d like to play electronics you have to read for that amount of time in order to get it so it’s a double win. In the same line, Books on tape. Or the new version books on iPad. Remember when you were a child “when you hear the chime turn the page” I found them in the iTunes Store and I think they are so freakin fabulous, they make me all happy and nostalgic. 

2. Painting. Yes with all this white we love painting. We have a big old tarp,  I think it was a duvet cover that we put out on the table. We picked up little craft paints at the dollar store and we have paint parties. We paint paper,we paint canvas, we paint rocks, you give it to and we’ll paint it for you! Lol 

3. Hide and go seek. We have an old century home filled with all kinds of weird little cubbies and nooks and crannies. The only important thing is to count how many players you have at the start, every once in a while someone gets stuck in a drawer somewhere. Oops.

What are your Cold winters day go to’s? I’d love some new suggestions. 

Have a fabulous Friday. I am off to another medical appointment. I’m going to try and be open to random acts of kindness. I feel like it’s a good day to buy a stranger a warm cup of tea. 
Love K

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