The Butterfly Farm

Today we had the pleasure of visiting the Butterfly Farm in St Martin. 

I had the opportunity to go two years ago and it was on my list of things to do again. It was just as sweet as ever. A little garden oasis with beauty fluttering  all about.  

The visits starts out with a guided and super entertaining tour. I would consider this tour is suitable for all ages. Not much walking at all, plenty of benches, water and beer for 2$. I loved our guide, he was funny and quite charming, sorry husband.

K so quickly some of my favourite highlights. 

Today’s favourite fact: butterflies have no mouths.  They drink through a “straw”. 

If you look closely at this Blue Morpho (I think I got that right) if you look closely you can see her straw here. Apparently the fermented fruit is like and open bar for the Butterfly, who knew butterflies were drinkers?! When she’s done she coils up the straw. We followed the Blue Morpho about in hopes it would land on us but they were all a flutter and quite frisky today. 

I also loved the Monarch Butterfly, not just because they are about the only butterfly I see in Canada but because it’s name comes from its beautiful golden crown in the chrysalis stage. 

The Owl Butterfly: This little guy disguises himself as a predator (on the right). 

And if you flip him over… an owl

And so we had a lovely morning visit puttering about, we finished with a lazy beach afternoon in Grand Case. 

 How was everyone else’s day?

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  1. Rana says:

    My day was far more mundane than yours and far less bright and sunny but I am feeling much better today after having been sick this weekend.

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