dating my husband 

Every week husband and I go on a date. Nothing wild, just a couple little local spots we fancy. 

Last week I missed date night with husband, being in Saint Maarten, but I did have the pleasure of going on a date with my travel bestie Cynthia. We went to the most incredible Moroccan restaurant in the town of Marigot

Le Marrakech

It is decorated impeccably from top to bottom, not a tiny piece left untouched and it is ALL incredible and gorgeous. Just being there is such experience. Cynthia, I and a lovely friend that we picked up from the villas all went and had such a beautiful and delicious meal. Saint Maarten is so lovely, you can just pick up friends easily along the way. 

OK so back to married date night. Husband and I go on date night every Thursday. It sounds really beautiful and amazing and you’re all whaaaat????  and I have to say it’s working pretty well. BUT it came out of a place of dark, squinty eyes and anger. Every marriage has its strained years, but I feel like every single one of ours has been strained.  We seem to be magnets of chaos. One of the things that’s important to me in our marriage is to feel special, to feel like I’ve made the short list of importance to him. I don’t have to be number one all the time but top five would be fabulous. I need to have alone time together, not as a parent but just the two of us. I spent years explaining this. We talked about it, nothing, and we talked, nothing, and we talked, nothing. And After a few years I stared at him like “you dumbass all I want is a date.” Nope. Nothing.(note anger growing)  We talked about it with a therapist, I explained it, she explained it, and we both stared at him…..nope, and we stared some more, like “you dumbass.” And finally one day I just hired a sitter. She comes every Thursday night for now and ever after. I said “I am going out, if you would like to come I would love it if you would.” And so spawned date night. It didn’t happen the way that I wanted it to but in the end the outcome is exactly the same and I love date night it is so much fun. Husband loves date night too, I have no idea why it was hard for him to initiate but he’s on board completely. Last night he wore a collared shirt and cologne, we went to a sweet little spot down the street where we shared a pizza and then hoped over to another little spot for drinks.  We came home and looked at pictures of wild pigs in the Bahamas’s (knowledge I have gained watching the Bachelor, see educational!) most important we laughed and had a great night. 

Things don’t always happen the way that you wanted but sometimes you get there nonetheless. 

How about you? What makes you happy? Married or single, anything that makes your heart happy. 

Love K

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