Truthful Tuesdays 

Good Morning Everyone

This week is off to a slow start. On the weekend I came down with the dreaded man cold! Sunday night it hit me.  I muddled through yesterday but basically just bounced from couch to couch while providing minimal care to my children before and after school. At one point Benny (7) read me a story while I convinced Jack(8) to tuck me in and cuddle me. I guess it’s not quite a man cold because I did still feed, clothe and provide education and transportation for them. Speaking  of men let’s pop back a day or two…..I have a story I’d like to share, as to why my husband is not in the picture.

I had to post the second because benny looks so cute! 

1. If you’re feeling prudish this is time to tune out

2.yes this story was husband approved to be told.

So it’s a Saturday night, the sun has set, the children have gone to bed. Husband needs to stay up until midnight for a work whatchamat thingamujig. So I think to myself hmmmmm….. what could we do for a couple hours…..whaaaattt coouuulllddd weee dooo? Well it just so happens I bought a new bra, it’s a sweet little white lace thing, soft so it won’t hurt my skin, I have hypersensitive skin, I know, sexy right?! So I put it on and I locate matching bottoms, also very pretty. For a twist I put on husbands giant fluffy soft navy bathrobe. This part is embarassing, but truthful. I stand in front of the mirror and practice  a couple times, just to see what I look like, which way to stand and make my tummy fat look less ‘tummy fat’. You’ve done it right?! Gosh I hope you’ve done it! I touch up a bit, I’m thinking I look pretty. I’ve lost 7.5 pounds! I must look pretty.  I walk downstairs, he’s at the computer in the kitchen, I wet my lips, and walk in.  I make a little small talk, and then, bravely 

Me: “what would you like to do this evening?”Slowly drop robe open in what I hope is sexy fashion. 

Him: “I don’t know whatch a movie” hmmmmm…..apparently not sexy, or even… noticeable, move closer. 

Me: maybe if I spell it out “I bought a new bra, it’s lacey” can I be more obvious?

Him: looks! He’s looking!!! “it’s nice.”looks away (now suspecting he’s a tool and doesn’t understand)

Me: there’s something wrong with him.  ” I bought a new bra and am wearing cute matching bottoms in our kitchen.” 

Him. “I know baby, it’s super nice. Good pick!” (He has brain damage, it’s all the jet fumes, they finally got him) 

Me: in my least sexy voice probably half shouting “I am almost naked in our kitchen flashing you and trying to hold in my fat in a sexy way” again try the ‘sexy pose’ which honestly probably just looks like small convulsion.  

Him ” you don’t have to do that baby, you’re beautiful!!…….What kind of movie are you thinking.”

And then I caught a man cold. Oh Karma, how did I smite you so? 

We have since had multiple conversations about what went wrong here. He says he was “tired” and I said I’m tired a lot too but I’ll sleep when I’m dead. There have been some payback incidents, of which a lady would never speak, and he must now practice the mantra ” I’m the gas, you’re the brakes!” Over and over and over…

How was your day? Anyone else want to share embarrassing incidents? I also walked around with toothpaste on my face for an hour this morning. I’m due some goodness right about now. 

Love K

Sideways Saturdays

Good morning! Happy Saturday!! 

Every Saturday Lily and I lounge in bed to the late hours of the morning. Sometimes I pretend I’m sleeping, sometimes I am sleeping. Lily watches her favourite YouTube channels, videos of her favourite families and unboxing of LOL dolls and other little toys. This morning we dressed up, Lily is kitty and I have flowers in my hair. Henry wore the kitty ears for a while but then he had to go back to sleep. ​​

Sometimes we sing songs, not your typical songs though. I used to sing the breakfast song when is was just Husband and I living together many houses ago, now Lily sings with me. It goes something like this “breakfast, breakfast, I love you breakfast, you are so good, in my tummy, breakfast!!!” And we do this until Husband brings us breakfast in bed and tea (with milk and sugar/Lily).There is something about this which makes my heart happy. 

(whispers~ I don’t know how to make it smaller or turn it sideways)
Someone asked me this week how do you do it? And the answer to that is rather long, I’ll try to answer that in a full post this. (My psychologist thinks it would be a good idea). The short answer is, this is how I do it. I’m not out and about, we’re not wild and active all the time. We cuddle and watch the snow fall. There are no expectations past this moment. The house is a mess, laundry needs to be folded, but there are two little boys happily playing video games, a puppy on my feet, a little kitty girl cuddled next to me and in a minute we will sing songs and tea will magically appear. 

Happy Saturday my loves,  have a beautiful day ❣️

little snippets

Hi hi y’all,

I am apologetic for the lack of Mondays post. It was a no school day and a house full. I find it hard to write with the small humans around and thus no post, we do have one we’re working on together but they weren’t into drawing cartoons for me. (shhh it may be about the daddy and a laser shark) . I can’t say today is much better. This week has been chaos!!! So this is really a bring you up to speed.

I was looking at my instagram feed yesterday thinking how it was changing and how much it just didn’t “feel right”.  I don’t know if I can explain it but I like to look back at my instagram photos. Take a minute and just look at them, see how they feel and remember the week, how joyful or sad it has been, but no matter what always amazing. I always look back and think wow, look at all we did. Even if some photos are staged or editied, or I a took 100 to get the “right” one. All those things still happened and all those moments still existed. Frozen exactly how i felt them. So this brings me back to my feed. It just didn’t feel right, I went so far as to delete a couple to see if it would feel better. Then I realized the last week has been so chaotic and my photos represent that. So even though the feed isn’t what I wanted, it is reflective my chaos. I’m not saying this is bad, just something I have to think about and accept.

Ok so lets go!!! This is going to be a quick recap.

Last week I had the fluro facet injection (google facet injection cervical  or go HERE. I cant post their picture or it says it will fine me $150000 and with my luck that would happen. It felt a little like the tropicana orange straw. It was uncomfortable but not terrible. After the anesthetic wore off though…. not my favourite week. I went to a party and was so excited. I had the perfect outfit, hair done, all ladies I love, and I had to tap out after two hours. It was just too much. Then I went home and ugly cried because I can’t always do what I want.

I don’t even know what we did all weekend. I know we had an amazing dinner with our neighbours. If you’re not friends with your neighbours but you have anything at all in common, invite them over. Games night, dinner, pot luck, anything. Getting to know our neighbours has been the greatest pleasure of this posting. The thing I will miss most will be this beautiful street and neighbourhood filled with kindness.

Today I took sweet benjamin to the dentist. I’m not normally on dental duty, thats a blue task. I’m not the best example, what with my panic voice and flashbacks. I do take dental duty for very specific events, they must be above and beyond. Last week they tried to give Ben a filling and he apparently lost it. How they finished and put a temp filling on there I don’t want to know. I know I would have cried the whole time. So today we saw a new dentist to consult on what to do. Since Bens accident any time he gets hurt he goes from hero to zero. It’s as if the car just hit him. The sounds, oh gosh, he just melts down and its so sad., we’ll leave it there, just it will hurt your feelings.  So I am called in for dental because I am the mama and even when you don’t like the job you are still the mama. You put aside your pain and feelings, you do your hair, you smile, smile and go to a new Dentist office where we re-live the original story. And he tells you the best option for Bennys little nerves is surgery,  and we talk about the children hospital and what will happen for surgery and we already know everything because this isn’t our  first time at the rodeo. And we leave with all our forms, more forms, always forms, and we leave and I take an Ativan immediately.

So thats that. I’m sorry no lovely stories of pop up art and a home tour but it is comping. If you like our chaos and seeing bits of our life we have started using the live story on instagram. The kids love to leave you little love notes over there.

I’ll try and catch up this week and be back on track. But for now I am off to the Hospital, for once not for me but I think I would like to volunteer in the flower shop. Its time I gave back a little and I think I could manage that. Lets see if they’ll take me?!!!

How was everyones week? I hope really really good!



the cup

Good morning good morning how are you today? I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s  Day. Yesterday we were so fortunate to have done this ~

How cool is that?  I mean who gets to do this? We’ll remember this forever!!! Thanks to our amazing friends and the keeper of the cup for sharing this with us. 

And then today…

This morning I went to pain clinic for a new injection. Husband brought me and took me to breakfast where I only cried once and it was mostly in the ladies. I just had one of those moments where it was, is this really my life? 

And yes yes it turns out this is my life. And there are many joyful and amazing things, but I do get to mope for a little while because I realized that it’s quite likely that in one day, in the not so distant future, my husband is going to have to cut my food for me. So today I’m wearing my bathrobe, over my clothes and red lipstick and I’m going to watch made for tv movies. And then at 3oclock I’m going to pick myself up, take my daughter to ballet, and then go get my new cell phone, because this happened…
How was your week? What did everyone do for valentines? Did you get loved enough? Because if not come snuggle on the couch with me. 
xoxo love K

feel the love 

Happy Valentines and hello my loves,

I am super excited about this post! Now you all know I’m a lovey person, so a day designated for love and kindness, oh my goodness it’s practically perfect in every way. A day of Kate! In everyday life I almost always have a little Starbucks card in my purse, a token gift to give if you think someone needs or deserves it. I feel like valentines is an open invitation to show anyone and everyone that you care, for the world to be a little bit kinder for just one day. I think we need that.

This past year has brought us challenges, and I think, I hope, we grow stronger every day. Husband and I plan a weekly date, it’s important to me in all of this chaos that we stay connected as partners not just as parents. Date night consist of drinks at our favourite little spot, coffee and a bookstore, or if a sitter isn’t available it can be as simple as grown-up dinner served after bedtime with candlelight. I think in our good luck we actually have a sitter on Valentine’s Day this year. It’s always fun to have new ideas. I came across this fabulous  post by sweet talented Erica which is  filled with fabulously fun Valentines ideas no matter what stage of your relationship is at. I loved reading it and thinking through our relationship as we passed through all those stages and thinking how far we’ve come.

Number 3 Mr & Mrs is so adorable. 💕

For those are you not planning anything, grab a galpal, neighbor, bestie, a bottle of wine,a bouquet of flowers, give each other flowers, heck give yourself flowers! You deserve them! Bring out the tunes and have an amazing day!  Know that you are not alone, because we are all here together. I’m off to buy flowers to give out to random strangers. Be kind, be amazing, make someone’s day❣️

fabulous valentines playlist



where would you go?

Today we are talking vacations! Spring break is around the corner and we are in a dilemma! Do we go on a vacation, do we save the money, (uhhh is there actually any money). As many of you know I am a whole hearted sun seeker. If there is sun and warmth, I want to be a part of it. In comparison my husband is more conservative. I put him in a category called ‘never nude’. Never nudes are a delightful but don’t necessarily find the beach to be their “comfort spot”.  Even yesterday we were at Costco and saw they had swim shirts out and Lily and I were all “ohhh never nudes on sale”. Imagine a man on a beach with a really thick furry hairy dark turtleneck sweater and speedo. That’s not my husband I just really wanted us all to envision that! Lol. But he is a touch shy, he likes the beach and warmth, he just also enjoys other things.

I know many of you are wondering how does she travel so much? Well I plan. And I plan to travel a lot more. I have lots of tips and tricks for vacation planning that I plan to share with you over the coming month, so stay tuned, but first….

Based on our location vacation options are: Beach, Mountains, Family visit, minication, Staycation.

I like to tell you everything so I have enough airline points to fly 4 or 5 of us anywhere in North America. Obviously we will just pay for the 5th person if there aren’t enough points, or will we???? Be on good behaviour never nude!! Okay so airfare covered!

North: We could visit the little spot we found over the holidays. 2 hours, waterslides, skiing, eating. So close and we had such an amazing time. I can’t rave enough. We could minication it. 

East: We could visit Toronto, we’ve been talking about the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, CN Tower, subway rides, hotels with waterslides, Grandmas house. Theres some pretty big lures that way.

South: I’m mostly looking in the Caribbean. St Martin has a huge spot in my heart, but we could also explore new islands. I love the festivals, the food, exploring new culture. I do have my eye on a couple spots.

West: We could drive to the Alberta/British Columbia mountains. This is a completely alluring option except how will I be on that long of a car ride? Will my neck be okay? I have some injections scheduled next week which I’m hoping will be helpful. There are ways to travel with chronic pain. I think we should designate an entire post on ways to travel. Chronic pain people, dust off your suitcases, the world is out there and we are going places!

What we look like packed in the car. Can we do this for 4 days?

but look how worth it it is

Stay: we could stay here and enjoy the beautiful city we have been so fortunate to live in. Museums, parks, roller skating. There are so many things we have yet to discover here, we could just stay and enjoy home.

The Forks Market

SO… what do you think? What would you choose? Or have you already chosen something?I would love to hear any travel tips you might have.

If anyone has any burning questions I would love to be able to help you out with planning your trip. If you are military, Canadian or American I know a few extra tips for you. Please feel free to ask me any trip planning questions you have. I booked this whole day off for relaxing time. Wednesdays are a big day for me which leaves me uncomfortable so Thursday so I am mellow with no plans.  You can leave a comment, email me, or Instagram me @ withlove__kate (link on the right). Why are there two underscores? I have absolutely no clue, I’m assuming I was middle of the night baby nursing tired? I honestly don’t know.


Love K


Hashtag Mama Fail

How is everyones week?  We have no school tomorrow so it feels like early Friday to me. I was a little nervous being alone with the smalls all week, you know, a bad day or something bizarre happened to me, which truthfully tends to be my luck. In the end I did have a really bad day and it managed out amazing because I’m learning to ask friends for help. Gold star please! My neighbour picks up her smalls at the same time, so I had a relaxing day and saved up my energy for after school.      Is this super boring for you? We can move straight on to home decor? I have a lot of that to share as well. I honestly cannot wait to start adding photos to The Rose House file and tell you the stories of each transformation, but all in good time, I can only edit so many photos at once.

Okay so week fab, Morning poop. I got mad at the smallest human because she putters all morning and then we’re late, every day, and she cries that she didn’t brush her teeth right, and her snow pants , and this, and the waffle, the dog ate it, I want a plaid shirt I don’t, don’t draw the beard (Festival Voyageur) oh my heavens. Then I shouted. And I don’t shout, not unless its up the  stairwell to the third floor and it hurts my neck to look that far up, so I don’t shout. AND I feel super bad. I was mean. Katie Katie why you shout at a 4 year old. You are a mean mean mama today. Hashtag Mama Fail.

So I have this fabulous day date planned with my husband, (we are working hard at this marriage thing I tell ya) I have this date planned and now I feel sad. I know she’s over it. I took her to school and brought her shirt and her mittens and her cup and the little Maggie Secret Life of Pets puppy she bought with her allowance yesterday, and her pink troll hair.We hugged and we kissed and we blew her nose, I said sorry for yelling, she said sorry for being mean and we hugged. We have the best hugs in our family, the good ones where no one lets go and sometimes I sing softly so only they can hear. I like them to think in my arms is the safest place in the world and can heal all. And not even that sweet sweet cuddle can heal my mama shame. So deep breath, good day ahead. Date day. Maybe have a tiny cry and then leave it behind. Knowing I can do better next time. One fail in a week isn’t awful. I just hate that I was mean.

Deep Breath, reset.

The rest of the week was fabulous (ish).

We invited all the neighbours over for candelight Chinese takeout on my mothers China dishes

We had dance class, hello little kitty

meow meow

I’m not sure why but I think this picture describes her perfectly. Ahhhh my love.

I picked our ballet class very carefully. I’m tired of hanging out in cold rinks and pools. I chose Royal Dance  because it’s lovely and kind for princess Kitty and the boys and I can hang out in this amazing space. We do homework and then catch Pokemon, husbands meets us most days after work.  Annnnnd if you peek in the back you’ll see there just happens to be a craft beer/wine bar and they have the nicest staff.  I think its a win win for us all.

And thats been my week so far. Sorry this was probably 3 posts worth in one but I had a lot on the go this week. I’ll try to be a bit more predictable.

How is everyone else? Is it hard to comment on my blog? I know some are a pain in the tush.

Love K