Hashtag Mama Fail

How is everyones week?  We have no school tomorrow so it feels like early Friday to me. I was a little nervous being alone with the smalls all week, you know, a bad day or something bizarre happened to me, which truthfully tends to be my luck. In the end I did have a really bad day and it managed out amazing because I’m learning to ask friends for help. Gold star please! My neighbour picks up her smalls at the same time, so I had a relaxing day and saved up my energy for after school.      Is this super boring for you? We can move straight on to home decor? I have a lot of that to share as well. I honestly cannot wait to start adding photos to The Rose House file and tell you the stories of each transformation, but all in good time, I can only edit so many photos at once.

Okay so week fab, Morning poop. I got mad at the smallest human because she putters all morning and then we’re late, every day, and she cries that she didn’t brush her teeth right, and her snow pants , and this, and the waffle, the dog ate it, I want a plaid shirt I don’t, don’t draw the beard (Festival Voyageur) oh my heavens. Then I shouted. And I don’t shout, not unless its up the  stairwell to the third floor and it hurts my neck to look that far up, so I don’t shout. AND I feel super bad. I was mean. Katie Katie why you shout at a 4 year old. You are a mean mean mama today. Hashtag Mama Fail.

So I have this fabulous day date planned with my husband, (we are working hard at this marriage thing I tell ya) I have this date planned and now I feel sad. I know she’s over it. I took her to school and brought her shirt and her mittens and her cup and the little Maggie Secret Life of Pets puppy she bought with her allowance yesterday, and her pink troll hair.We hugged and we kissed and we blew her nose, I said sorry for yelling, she said sorry for being mean and we hugged. We have the best hugs in our family, the good ones where no one lets go and sometimes I sing softly so only they can hear. I like them to think in my arms is the safest place in the world and can heal all. And not even that sweet sweet cuddle can heal my mama shame. So deep breath, good day ahead. Date day. Maybe have a tiny cry and then leave it behind. Knowing I can do better next time. One fail in a week isn’t awful. I just hate that I was mean.

Deep Breath, reset.

The rest of the week was fabulous (ish).

We invited all the neighbours over for candelight Chinese takeout on my mothers China dishes

We had dance class, hello little kitty

meow meow

I’m not sure why but I think this picture describes her perfectly. Ahhhh my love.

I picked our ballet class very carefully. I’m tired of hanging out in cold rinks and pools. I chose Royal Dance  because it’s lovely and kind for princess Kitty and the boys and I can hang out in this amazing space. We do homework and then catch Pokemon, husbands meets us most days after work.  Annnnnd if you peek in the back you’ll see there just happens to be a craft beer/wine bar and they have the nicest staff.  I think its a win win for us all.

And thats been my week so far. Sorry this was probably 3 posts worth in one but I had a lot on the go this week. I’ll try to be a bit more predictable.

How is everyone else? Is it hard to comment on my blog? I know some are a pain in the tush.

Love K

4 thoughts on “Hashtag Mama Fail

  1. Rana says:

    I have had an okay week, still no answers and more tests, I’m getting so tired of talking about me and “how I’m feeling”. Can’t I just feel normal and not need to describe it at every meeting? I’m sure I’m singing your song here. I yell, it’s the worst thing and I always feel bad about it yet somehow, I do it again and again. There’s just so much noise in here all the time and I feel like I have to shout to be heard over the chaos. I like that you’re bouncing around in your blog posts as I get to piece it all together and get a picture of your life. Love the long posts. I don’t find it hard at all to comment.

  2. H says:

    It’s been a doozy of a week, receiving bad news about two family members health. There must be something in the air because I yelled at poor P. In public. Loudly. This time of year always gets me down. Luckily, the yelling didn’t faze her at all and I only managed to embarrass myself.

  3. Kristen says:

    Looking forward to some “after” pictures of your house. The “before” looks pretty great too and I can see why you took it on! Spoiler alert: you painted the wood trim, didn’t you? I love your clean white style!

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