where would you go?

Today we are talking vacations! Spring break is around the corner and we are in a dilemma! Do we go on a vacation, do we save the money, (uhhh is there actually any money). As many of you know I am a whole hearted sun seeker. If there is sun and warmth, I want to be a part of it. In comparison my husband is more conservative. I put him in a category called ‘never nude’. Never nudes are a delightful but don’t necessarily find the beach to be their “comfort spot”.  Even yesterday we were at Costco and saw they had swim shirts out and Lily and I were all “ohhh never nudes on sale”. Imagine a man on a beach with a really thick furry hairy dark turtleneck sweater and speedo. That’s not my husband I just really wanted us all to envision that! Lol. But he is a touch shy, he likes the beach and warmth, he just also enjoys other things.

I know many of you are wondering how does she travel so much? Well I plan. And I plan to travel a lot more. I have lots of tips and tricks for vacation planning that I plan to share with you over the coming month, so stay tuned, but first….

Based on our location vacation options are: Beach, Mountains, Family visit, minication, Staycation.

I like to tell you everything so I have enough airline points to fly 4 or 5 of us anywhere in North America. Obviously we will just pay for the 5th person if there aren’t enough points, or will we???? Be on good behaviour never nude!! Okay so airfare covered!

North: We could visit the little spot we found over the holidays. 2 hours, waterslides, skiing, eating. So close and we had such an amazing time. I can’t rave enough. We could minication it. 

East: We could visit Toronto, we’ve been talking about the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, CN Tower, subway rides, hotels with waterslides, Grandmas house. Theres some pretty big lures that way.

South: I’m mostly looking in the Caribbean. St Martin has a huge spot in my heart, but we could also explore new islands. I love the festivals, the food, exploring new culture. I do have my eye on a couple spots.

West: We could drive to the Alberta/British Columbia mountains. This is a completely alluring option except how will I be on that long of a car ride? Will my neck be okay? I have some injections scheduled next week which I’m hoping will be helpful. There are ways to travel with chronic pain. I think we should designate an entire post on ways to travel. Chronic pain people, dust off your suitcases, the world is out there and we are going places!

What we look like packed in the car. Can we do this for 4 days?

but look how worth it it is

Stay: we could stay here and enjoy the beautiful city we have been so fortunate to live in. Museums, parks, roller skating. There are so many things we have yet to discover here, we could just stay and enjoy home.

The Forks Market

SO… what do you think? What would you choose? Or have you already chosen something?I would love to hear any travel tips you might have.

If anyone has any burning questions I would love to be able to help you out with planning your trip. If you are military, Canadian or American I know a few extra tips for you. Please feel free to ask me any trip planning questions you have. I booked this whole day off for relaxing time. Wednesdays are a big day for me which leaves me uncomfortable so Thursday so I am mellow with no plans.  You can leave a comment, email me, or Instagram me @ withlove__kate (link on the right). Why are there two underscores? I have absolutely no clue, I’m assuming I was middle of the night baby nursing tired? I honestly don’t know.


Love K


5 thoughts on “where would you go?

  1. Marnie says:

    Definitely beach!!
    I’m a beach and sun worshipper too
    Families of 5 can be hard to accommodate but last year we did hard rock punta Cana which was great. This year we are heading to playa del Carmen Mexico to the azul Fives. Bahamas is also beautiful ! Great exhuma is where we stayed but it was at an adults only but that’s the place to stay if you want to see the swimming pigs! Atlantis on paradise island is totally for kids though!

  2. Kristen says:

    I personally tend to find staycations a letdown. Someone discovers a little house repair that needs to be done, and what should have been a quick trip to the hardware store (LOL, does that exist?) and a 30 minute job ends up being a week of construction clothes and keeping the kids out of the way. Then no one enjoys themselves or feels like they had a break. The other options all sound great, to be honest! We went to an all inclusive in Mexico in January and it was perfection. I love mountains, but FYI the roads around here have been treacherous. If you end up going to Toronto, you MUST take the kids to the Ripley’s Aquarium. You and never-nude will love it too. Get tickets from the CF1 site 😉

    • thislovelydayca says:

      Oh that’s fabulous advice. I hadn’t thought of tickets on the site. I’m looking at afv.ca it’s so true a stay action can turn south in a hurry and end up with everyone watching tv for a week.

    • Kristen says:

      … I should clarify that by “the roads out here”, I mean the straight flat ones in the middle of the Trans Canada. No idea what the driving is like in the mountains. Still, you would think these were dangerous roads by the number of cars in the ditch. We’ve been getting so much freezing rain weather.

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