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Happy Valentines and hello my loves,

I am super excited about this post! Now you all know I’m a lovey person, so a day designated for love and kindness, oh my goodness it’s practically perfect in every way. A day of Kate! In everyday life I almost always have a little Starbucks card in my purse, a token gift to give if you think someone needs or deserves it. I feel like valentines is an open invitation to show anyone and everyone that you care, for the world to be a little bit kinder for just one day. I think we need that.

This past year has brought us challenges, and I think, I hope, we grow stronger every day. Husband and I plan a weekly date, it’s important to me in all of this chaos that we stay connected as partners not just as parents. Date night consist of drinks at our favourite little spot, coffee and a bookstore, or if a sitter isn’t available it can be as simple as grown-up dinner served after bedtime with candlelight. I think in our good luck we actually have a sitter on Valentine’s Day this year. It’s always fun to have new ideas. I came across this fabulous  post by sweet talented Erica which is  filled with fabulously fun Valentines ideas no matter what stage of your relationship is at. I loved reading it and thinking through our relationship as we passed through all those stages and thinking how far we’ve come.

Number 3 Mr & Mrs is so adorable. 💕

For those are you not planning anything, grab a galpal, neighbor, bestie, a bottle of wine,a bouquet of flowers, give each other flowers, heck give yourself flowers! You deserve them! Bring out the tunes and have an amazing day!  Know that you are not alone, because we are all here together. I’m off to buy flowers to give out to random strangers. Be kind, be amazing, make someone’s day❣️

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