the cup

Good morning good morning how are you today? I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s  Day. Yesterday we were so fortunate to have done this ~

How cool is that?  I mean who gets to do this? We’ll remember this forever!!! Thanks to our amazing friends and the keeper of the cup for sharing this with us. 

And then today…

This morning I went to pain clinic for a new injection. Husband brought me and took me to breakfast where I only cried once and it was mostly in the ladies. I just had one of those moments where it was, is this really my life? 

And yes yes it turns out this is my life. And there are many joyful and amazing things, but I do get to mope for a little while because I realized that it’s quite likely that in one day, in the not so distant future, my husband is going to have to cut my food for me. So today I’m wearing my bathrobe, over my clothes and red lipstick and I’m going to watch made for tv movies. And then at 3oclock I’m going to pick myself up, take my daughter to ballet, and then go get my new cell phone, because this happened…
How was your week? What did everyone do for valentines? Did you get loved enough? Because if not come snuggle on the couch with me. 
xoxo love K

One thought on “the cup

  1. Rana says:

    I don’t know how you deal and you may not know either. “Do what you gotta do.” “One foot in front of the other.” and whatever else helps explain it to people who have no idea. How do you do the laundry? The dishes? How do you engage fully with the Littles and the Big? I’m so distracted by my little and possibly temporary predicament, I cannot imagine knowing that for the foreseeable future, this is who I am. I feel like a shell of myself and it can still get so much worse. Obviously, today was not a good day. Still more doctors shrugging their shoulders. I mean, you visit a pain clinic, how is it even okay that you just have to live with pain?! It changes a person. And the fatigue is taking away from everyone in my life, family and friends. I feel loved enough, just wish I wasn’t broken right now.

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