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Hi hi y’all,

I am apologetic for the lack of Mondays post. It was a no school day and a house full. I find it hard to write with the small humans around and thus no post, we do have one we’re working on together but they weren’t into drawing cartoons for me. (shhh it may be about the daddy and a laser shark) . I can’t say today is much better. This week has been chaos!!! So this is really a bring you up to speed.

I was looking at my instagram feed yesterday thinking how it was changing and how much it just didn’t “feel right”.  I don’t know if I can explain it but I like to look back at my instagram photos. Take a minute and just look at them, see how they feel and remember the week, how joyful or sad it has been, but no matter what always amazing. I always look back and think wow, look at all we did. Even if some photos are staged or editied, or I a took 100 to get the “right” one. All those things still happened and all those moments still existed. Frozen exactly how i felt them. So this brings me back to my feed. It just didn’t feel right, I went so far as to delete a couple to see if it would feel better. Then I realized the last week has been so chaotic and my photos represent that. So even though the feed isn’t what I wanted, it is reflective my chaos. I’m not saying this is bad, just something I have to think about and accept.

Ok so lets go!!! This is going to be a quick recap.

Last week I had the fluro facet injection (google facet injection cervical  or go HERE. I cant post their picture or it says it will fine me $150000 and with my luck that would happen. It felt a little like the tropicana orange straw. It was uncomfortable but not terrible. After the anesthetic wore off though…. not my favourite week. I went to a party and was so excited. I had the perfect outfit, hair done, all ladies I love, and I had to tap out after two hours. It was just too much. Then I went home and ugly cried because I can’t always do what I want.

I don’t even know what we did all weekend. I know we had an amazing dinner with our neighbours. If you’re not friends with your neighbours but you have anything at all in common, invite them over. Games night, dinner, pot luck, anything. Getting to know our neighbours has been the greatest pleasure of this posting. The thing I will miss most will be this beautiful street and neighbourhood filled with kindness.

Today I took sweet benjamin to the dentist. I’m not normally on dental duty, thats a blue task. I’m not the best example, what with my panic voice and flashbacks. I do take dental duty for very specific events, they must be above and beyond. Last week they tried to give Ben a filling and he apparently lost it. How they finished and put a temp filling on there I don’t want to know. I know I would have cried the whole time. So today we saw a new dentist to consult on what to do. Since Bens accident any time he gets hurt he goes from hero to zero. It’s as if the car just hit him. The sounds, oh gosh, he just melts down and its so sad., we’ll leave it there, just it will hurt your feelings.  So I am called in for dental because I am the mama and even when you don’t like the job you are still the mama. You put aside your pain and feelings, you do your hair, you smile, smile and go to a new Dentist office where we re-live the original story. And he tells you the best option for Bennys little nerves is surgery,  and we talk about the children hospital and what will happen for surgery and we already know everything because this isn’t our  first time at the rodeo. And we leave with all our forms, more forms, always forms, and we leave and I take an Ativan immediately.

So thats that. I’m sorry no lovely stories of pop up art and a home tour but it is comping. If you like our chaos and seeing bits of our life we have started using the live story on instagram. The kids love to leave you little love notes over there.

I’ll try and catch up this week and be back on track. But for now I am off to the Hospital, for once not for me but I think I would like to volunteer in the flower shop. Its time I gave back a little and I think I could manage that. Lets see if they’ll take me?!!!

How was everyones week? I hope really really good!



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