Sideways Saturdays

Good morning! Happy Saturday!! 

Every Saturday Lily and I lounge in bed to the late hours of the morning. Sometimes I pretend I’m sleeping, sometimes I am sleeping. Lily watches her favourite YouTube channels, videos of her favourite families and unboxing of LOL dolls and other little toys. This morning we dressed up, Lily is kitty and I have flowers in my hair. Henry wore the kitty ears for a while but then he had to go back to sleep. ​​

Sometimes we sing songs, not your typical songs though. I used to sing the breakfast song when is was just Husband and I living together many houses ago, now Lily sings with me. It goes something like this “breakfast, breakfast, I love you breakfast, you are so good, in my tummy, breakfast!!!” And we do this until Husband brings us breakfast in bed and tea (with milk and sugar/Lily).There is something about this which makes my heart happy. 

(whispers~ I don’t know how to make it smaller or turn it sideways)
Someone asked me this week how do you do it? And the answer to that is rather long, I’ll try to answer that in a full post this. (My psychologist thinks it would be a good idea). The short answer is, this is how I do it. I’m not out and about, we’re not wild and active all the time. We cuddle and watch the snow fall. There are no expectations past this moment. The house is a mess, laundry needs to be folded, but there are two little boys happily playing video games, a puppy on my feet, a little kitty girl cuddled next to me and in a minute we will sing songs and tea will magically appear. 

Happy Saturday my loves,  have a beautiful day ❣️

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  1. Susy Cushman Dhillon says:

    This is all the universe asks Kate! Be present in the moment, surrender to it and don’t sweat the small stuff!love your bud and always in your corner….Susy

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