Hello Reno

Hello renovations. It seems no matter how many times we move we end up with "almost finished projects" that kind of just drift away and are forgotten about. There is nothing like the thought of an upcoming move to get us into gear! We started out our 'nice little Saturday' with a lunch date, husband … Continue reading Hello Reno

Low times 

Hi everyone, I know I'm a slack entertainer as of late, I'm sorry for that. But I'm sad. I'm not sorry I'm sad, I'm not sorry I'm a poor entertainer, but I'm sorry I didn't share why, why I felt I couldn't share. Honestly who wants to read a story with only the good parts? … Continue reading Low times 


OK, so do you guys want to hear my blurt of the day? I had to hire a sitter to come and take the smalls to school, so I could take middle child to the doctor.  He needs to have a pre-op report done for the special dental surgery that he needs due to the … Continue reading Blurt