Hello Reno

Hello renovations. It seems no matter how many times we move we end up with “almost finished projects” that kind of just drift away and are forgotten about. There is nothing like the thought of an upcoming move to get us into gear! We started out our ‘nice little Saturday’ with a lunch date, husband was true to his word and took the whole fam Home Depot. He needed his own cart but I think he held on pretty well. Especially when I got sidetracked by this electric fireplace on sale that I think would be completely divine in my bedroom! Successful with our lighting purchases, I let him off the hook and we delivered the men folk home. I continued on with my ever faithful assistant, Princesss Lily. 

Princesss Lily and I did such an amazing job. We hit up my favourite flooring supplier The Floor Show. Lily disappointedly notes that there is in fact, NOT, an actual show being performed here. Poor lady. On our voyage we rediscovered this marble tile which I am in love with. I have this earmarked for my ‘forever home’. 

You should see it in person it’s incredible. 

Back to the point of the visit, laundry room. We are finally finishing the washing machine pedestal and replacing the flooring. It’s a laundry room so I wanted to be conservative with my price point but I also wanted something durable and laundry appropriate in style and in function. Our flooring specialist Aleah, was so amazing and we picked this beautiful gem! I know it’s going to be fabulous with the finished laundry pedestal and blue appliances. Don’t mind the dirt, it’s important to have a well tested sample. 

Really I should have ordered this floor last year so we could enjoy looking at it but oops, not what happened, lol. Aleah was able to pull some strings and a little magic and we will have floor in no time.  PHEW!!! Thanks A for saving me and my procrastination. 

Lastly we hit up our favs Home Sense and Marshalls. This was a big day for me by the way. I fell asleep the second I sat on the couch and missed dinner, oh dear! But Lily and I did find some amazing treasures for the second floor bathroom which I can honest to goodness not wait to show you.  I’ll try my best to do a little photo shoot today. Well I guess this decides it, we are starting our home tour with Bathrooms!! Seems appropriate for my family. Just to note: last night I asked the whole family to join me in the lou while I was cleaning and explained “in the bowl”  and “not in the bowl”. We examined all the various parts and decided whether that part was “in the bowl” or “not in the bowl” (squinty eye). 


Since you’re here….what do you think of a bedroom fireplace? I feel quite smitten with the idea.

Love K

2 thoughts on “Hello Reno

  1. Kristi-Ann Webster says:

    Love bedroom fireplaces.
    We have one. It’s not hooked up yet. (Hey we’ve lived here for 6 years why rush it. lol)
    Buy at least it can still display pictures on the mantel.

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