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Hello lovelies! How is your week? If you have kids and you’re anything like me all you can think about is the upcoming spring break. If you’ve already had or are in it oh sweet heavens I am jealous of you! We are doing super well but my mama meter is really low and needs a recharge. Yesterday I spent 2 hours at the eye doctor. 2 hours. 2 hours with unfed children and only a broken pack of crackers in my purse for sustenance. I had husband order pizza to meet us at home and I dropped our no electronics rule faster than a hot taco and passed out fully dressed at 630pm with the kids all laying on me watching Richie Rich. I need a vacation stat! lol

Let’s talk house. The house is concurrently coming apart and coming together. Some projects have to get messier to get better! The upstairs bathroom is finished, I owe you pictures! I know, I know. I’ll try to get to them today, my afternoons suddenly became busy with another little project and it’s slowed down my photo editing. Here’s a little teaser I have from Instagram. 

How gorgeous is this runner? Home Sense, as well as the art work. I’m so pleased how it’s come together, and on a budget!

Other little projects are coming along nicely. It did so happen that I was quite sidetracked by that fireplace and husband was dispatched to make it happen.  I have to tell you. I am Loving it, Loving with a capital L! The last 2 mornings I have woken up with the boys laying on the carpet reading by the fire. It feels so cozy and sweet. It also gives me reassurance on the upcoming move as we are planing to downsize, hard! We’re a close family, the boys share a room, their choice. I asked if they would like separate rooms in the new place but they politely declined.  Their bedrooms are really just for sleeping, they’d rather be hanging out all together. We have A Lot of unused space, we don’t need it. 

Other excitement is I somehow managed to squeeze in getting my hair done and am feeling Fabulous!!!

Thank you Samantha  for being so wonderful! I’m completely into braids and loving this new one I learned yesterday. Before you ask the  wrap is Mad About Style on Academy, I absolutely adore them. Between the hair and the clothes I might just get off the couch today, lol!

Okay let’s get into the Toronto home update.

We are planning to move to Toronto for one year only. Knowing you’re going somewhere for just a year affords you freedom to branch out and try something new. Plans can change but I am looking to downsize in a huge way. We are looking forward to go full city living, I’m thinking condo, single floor, so no more stairs for my poor little neck. I’m thinking open concept, small space. I’d like white, open concept main area, floor to ceiling windows, 3 bedrooms or as I’m learning the lingo, a 2+, if it has a den we can make Lily a tiny little bedroom. She’s just a tiny little leprechaun, and can fit just about anywhere. A tiny little dog crate would legitimately probably make her the happiest but I’m not sure the legalities of that, even when the small human asks you to do it.   I would love a 4 bed but it seems to be the golden unicorn of Toronto real estate. I’ll keep you posted, or better yet if you something delightful along the subway line or in the Young and Eglington area let me know! Like I’ve said before I am super excited to share this journey with you. 

That’s all I’ve got for you today, if I’m quick I can squeeze in a nap before three separate parent teacher interviews. Wish me luck, or better yet bring a little flask in your purse/murse and meet me in the library. I’ll be the one with the cane in nonfiction. 
I hope you have an absolutely beautiful day. 

Love Kate

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