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We have been reading diary of a Wimpy kid and today we were reading something about how it’s medically impossible for girls to fart, which I totally agree with, at least publicly that’s my official stance. It led into a full fledge conversation about toots. We’re pretty open in our house but I try to avoid fart conversations at all costs BUT I just recently learned through an undisclosed source that with men fart if it’s really windy and has force it actually moves their testicles and that’s totally disgusting. I wanted to fact check it’s through another source so I asked the boys and they laughed and laughed and laughed and they said it was true. Things I didn’t know because I’m a girl. Gross!

Tonight we’re having potluck dinner with our neighbour friends I’ll be honest I don’t feel great  I had a pretty huge “pain” it’s not fair meltdown today but I’ve put myself back together and I can get back in bed or I can sit quietly on the couch and hang out with some lovely friends.   She texted me and said that she was going to bring some rice and humans, I laughed really hard and Benny asked why so  I read it to him and then he laughed really hard and said “mmmm yummy humans.” Apparently AutoCorrect has issues with  “hummus” if you don’t get it just right.

I’m going to braid my hair and make it look pretty. I’m really into fairy braids at least that’s what we called them, the ones where it makes a little halo around your head and I’m experimenting with one single braid in the back but it’s kind of hard for me to reach. I’ve been teaching Husband to braid and he does a great job, he actually did my hair one day this week. He’s can be pretty sweet. 💕

I just wanted to pop in to say hi and tell you that I’m busy trying to get our house ready to sell and lots of appointments and such. What’s everyone doing this weekend, how are you? Curious question time: What’s your favourite new hairstyle? Are you having dinner with friends? Have you checked out Zazzle lately I’m totally into it and want to buy absolutely everything. I started because I was looking for business cards but got sidetracked into bags and necklaces and everything else amazing. What type of business cards do you think I should I get? What would be really pretty? And what should they say? 

See you soon 

Love K

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