Home Staging

When selling your house staging it is one of the most important things. I’m not saying you need to go out and hire a stager but a couple simple things can really help your listing look better. My home isn’t perfect and I could work on it forever, it’s always a work in progress and I like it that way, it’s always changing little bit and growing with us.

 My number one pet peeve house searching  is is it clean? I don’t want to see your dirty laundry or garbage. Clean your toilet, clean it like the queen is coming and then, close the lid. Ick. When searching for a home, I want to imagine myself living in it, every thought or feel I have should be filled with happiness. Urine makes no one happy. Unless you’ve recently been stung by a jellyfish. (Monica). 

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A toilet is a toilet but let’s make it clean!

Staging the house to sell is also a good way to prep for moving. I did the challenge of eliminatating 40 bags from my home in 40 days. I tossed/donated/passed down so much that I stopped counting. At first it was hard, really hard. I like my things, or so I thought, but as I passed through the house I stopped thinking about items as “how much did this cost” or “but xxx gave me that” and instead thought of them as “does it bring me joy”. Passing it on and clearing the clutter started to make me feel lighter, happier, give it a try. 

What about family photos? Oh the debate on family photos! Some realtors tell people to take down all their personal items, including photos. My thought on that is it’s a good idea to clear clutter. If your photos are overwhelming then you may want to weed out a few. You don’t want anything to be distracting, they should blend and enhance the room.  

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One of my absolute favourite moments. Completely unstaged, just a moment of love

And childhood momentos? We weeded them down. Some items were very important, first hockey goal scorecard. It’s a keeper! So we just made sure items were placed nicely and clean. I mean we do live here after all, there is no expectation for your home to be clean like a show home. 
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Clean but still fun

Here are you’re big tips

Keep it clean, less is often more, no dirty laundry or dishes, flush every toilet, twice, then close the lid, take out and hide the garbage, toilet cleaner, dish rack, kitchen counter clutter. Hide it shove it, get rid of it, whatever you need to do. Ps don’t open any of my drawers, lol.  Also have great photos for your listing. Don’t like them? Change them! It’s your home, you list it how you like. Don’t be afraid to tell your realator to work, that is their job. It’s ok! 

And finally, flowers, you know I love fresh blooms. I find they bring a smile to people’s face, so at least you leave my home with a smile. 

Happy Weekend my loves. 

❤️love K 

The Rose House listing 

Hello Loves,

Okay so quick update for those of you who don’t Instagram, you should really get an account by the way, so fun. The House photos are complete, the listing went out to agents today and we are officially doing home tours. Check my IG page for more updates and photos. 

Todays Update: Photos completed by the pro, I substituted a couple outdoor ones from last year so they could see the yard green vs white. Tip: thinking of moving next year? Take photos this year when the garden is in bloom.  

It just so happened last night our agent was telling us about this very sweet family with little girls that would fit in the neighbourhood so perfectly. I said bring them in before the house is listed, we are more than happy to accomodate. WELL.. the house isn’t quite yet listed and we had 5 showings today. 3 already tomorrow and I expect that to grow. I had really wanted to give you a “house staging” post today but I’m so sorry I was kicked out of my home early.  

In other poor news, I was called in to pick up sweet Benjamin who didn’t feel well, by the time I got there Jack was sitting there too. I was lucky enough to get an appointment with our doctors partner (who honestly I feel is a bit of a douche, have you ever known me to say that? I feel bad but oh my gosh I feel so strongly about this) We saw the condescending doctor and they have headaches, cough, ear infection, uggg, poor babes.

On the home front, I was hoping to run through all the rooms before we listed but wow this happened fast. …sooooo we can wait while I dredge through the rooms orrrrr… who wants to see the listing now?? I know me too! The living room did not turn out how I wanted, it feels empty yet too much at the same time, it doesn’t feel the same as it does when in it. The same goes for our bedroom. I feel like its so much lovelier in person. I’m okay with that because I always love being happily surprised.

I still promise to walk through the rooms, check “my story”on IG, we’ve been posting 60s videos every day. I have many more pictures, videos and tips to share but if you’ll give me a little grace of this insane life I promise I’ll share all my secrets with you.


Love K

Hey Babes

Hey there Monday babes! How has the week been?  We are doing pretty fabulously. The house is almost ready. Today I’m working on staging and tomorrow photos! Whoohooo, this feels like such a whirlwind. I’m doing my best to lockdown rooms as they are finished but it turns out all our rooms are really fun so it’s hard to keep people out of them. 

This afternoon I have brought out the craft box and am hoping to keep them entertained with beads and gluey crafts in the dining room. Lately I’ve been feeling I’m missing my domestic side, I haven’t done much of our cooking or baking lately. Today is another snowy little day and it seemed such a perfect day to cozy up so I am making granola for snacks and catching up on Outlander, to which I have become completely addicted by the way. A perfect way to spend the afternoon. 

I’m starting to feel a little nostalgic about the whole house selling bit. I am loving our neighbourhood so much that I can see our family grow here. Friday was a lovely warm day and a text went out “neighbourhood dinner?” We all packed up our meals and shared them in our neighbors backyard. The dads taught the littles to play baseball. The moms chatted and drank wine and I could feel it, us living here forever. But alas, I think that’s normal, change is hard. I will remember we will still have all these beautiful friendships, distance doesn’t need to change that. And this move is an opportunity for a bit of a fresh start for me, and Toronto is fun and exciting. I truely am very excited to see where this year will take us.  

Okay I am off to drink tea, arrange flowers and cushions, smooth linens and more! 

Tomorrow’s post I planned to walk you through the staging process with me. See what I did, what I skipped and I hope you’ll have some tips for me which I hadn’t thought of yet. 

A little peak into the boys room:

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Ikea, boys room, potterybarn, nautical, desk, kids desk, practical, pretty, fun, bedroom, inspiration, modern, clean, stylishHave a beautiful Monday loves. 

With love ~ k

Monday Vibes

Hey there Monday,

Good morning my loves! What’s on your agenda today? Today the small humans have school but the large human is off work so we are having a little day date. I think were planning to go to the gym and then maybe a little brunch. 

Before all that we are having our tub refinished this morning. I think it is actually the last of the projects. I had hoped to show you pictures of the finished laundry room but tub guy is using the space and I think it might be weird if I crowded him. The laundry room is dreamy by the way. It is clean and white and functional. I’m really happy with how it has turned out. A couple little glitches but you’ll see later this week. 

How was everyone’s Easter? We had a really quiet weekend a lot of video games for the children while husband and I sorted junk in the basement. 

The Easter bunny brought sugar meltdowns  galore. 

Little Bunny asking for more candy, no more little bunny.

We are getting to the point where we are almost ready to list the house, maybe even this week. And I have started looking for places to live in Toronto. I know it sounds insane but we would like to downsize to a third of the size and really embrace city living for a year. I’m tired of stairs and I’m tired of so much space. My children will not leave my side, I am constantly shooing people out of my way. They would be happy in a one room house where the could see or touch me at all times. So I am not ruling out a traditional house but I’m also not actively searching.  An elevator, rooftop patio, party room,  all sounds pretty lovely to me. Any tips on how to find a home in Toronto? 

Happy Easter I hope you have a fabulous day🐰

Love K

last little projects 

This weeek has been a more natural pace with a little more time for me. I don’t know if we’ve talked about it much but since I started all of the drugs I’ve been struggling with my weight. 2 in particular are know for it, and the happen to be the ones we keep increasing. It’s been a losing battle, but this week…  No more! (Imagine I throw my hands up wildly! NO MORE) This week I have made a plan and planned time for me. Every day I go for a walk or the gym or ride my bike. Next week I’m going to go swimming at least one day. Small changes but get ready for the new me, wooohooo! (She’ll pretty much look like the old me but a few more wrinkles) The best part about this change is that I’m doing it with a friend. It is so much easier to commit to change if you have someone you’re committing with. Welcome my new work out buddy T! 

Other exciting things this week are 

a. I always told Lilly that when she was ready she could get her ears pierced. I remember when I was little it being the most exciting day. We went to the mall, I think it was winter and my ears were so cold/hot on the way home. I remember being so excited. I chose stars. (What was your first earring set?) I’ve always kept the same rule with Lily, when she wants to she can do it, her choice. We talk about it a lot and she always says, I’m not quite ready maybe when I’m five. Yesterday I woke up with her little tiny nose pressed against mine and staring directly in my eyes and a little whisper ‘can I get my ears pierced today?’ 

So there you have it, my tiny little baby with tiny little flowered pierced ears.   I’m starting to feel it. The rush of time. 

b. One of the very last thing on my BIG list is the laundry room washer/dryer pedestal. It is finished, it needs one more coat of paint and the laundry room will be complete.  Big yay for me as I think we are listing next week. Eeek! 

I am ready to get out of this  pre-selling finish everything stress phase and just enjoy the finished product for a couple months. This week is good but wearing me out. I fell asleep with the children last night and I slept right through. They loved it. 

What did you all do this week?

The Rose House Main Bath 

Welcome to the main bath in our home. When I first walked into this bathroom all I could say was “woah”!! I’m a bit more a shiny fixture, white and grey type of gal. Wooden fixtures, wooden lights and a lamp that looked like a cows udder.  It was a lot to take in.


I’m not sure why but the wood always reminded me of pirates. I have a picture of the udder lamp but for all my searching I cannot find it. I’ll post it in ” The Rose House” album as soon as it comes out of hiding.

I wasn’t in love with the choice of vanity but as time passed it has grown on me and we decided to keep it. I began to notice that the bones of this room were very workable. The existing faucets were chrome which I took as inspiration for the remaining fixtures, including the vanity light. This bathroom makeover was really based on cosmetics and staging. Using the existing structures but updating light fixtures, textiles, art and doing a budget friendly update.

I strongly considered refinishing the vanity light fixture but in the end I found this chrome one at HomeDepot online and I liked the glam factor of it.

A sparkly ceiling light complimented the existing textured ceiling. I adore the ceiling pattern, it ads such character while keeping the light airy feel of the room.

This sweet pink rug was a fabulous Home Sense score, it ads warmth and a feminine touch. A chipped cup keeps make-up brushes handy, my favourite Italian perfume and a beautiful orchid pot completes the look.

A basket by the loo fills in an empty space while adding convenience and nicely holds extra towels but hides any extra tissue paper. I never really care to see one’s spare TP.  Wondering where all my toys are? Meet Mr. Duckie. He sits quietly next to the tub and sweetly holds all our essential bath time accessories.


Two pre-framed stock art pieces came from Home Sense as well as the oversized mirror on the adjacent wall. A gold framed picture of my hometown Nova Scotia completes the art.

On a fun family note this house is filled with the most incredible hiding spots and nooks. We took to embracing this, added in a simple white stool and…..

Theres no reason closets can’t be pretty too. The cubby is about 4 feet deep (not shown) and inside we keep pretty little things. A light,  a cushion and a story book or two. And maybe the occasional bouquet. 
Source guide:

Anchor hardware and towel bars, Pink Carpet, basket, Artwork ~ Home Sense

Lighting ~ Home Depot

Shower Curtain ~ West Elm

Duckie, step stool, window shade  ~ IKEA

And there you have it. What do you think? 

love K

Putter putter 

Good Morning, Good Morning!

This week husband was away on work travels so I was lone wolf with the small animals. They were actually dreamy, well mostly! 

Yesterday Henry got a haircut and it looks completely ridiculous. If you see him don’t mention it, he’s very sensitive about it. He does not in anyway look like a Lady from Lady And The Tramp, as per our pre haircut discussion and google pictures. Instead he basically looks like a naked Chihuahua that swallowed a kangaroo. We’re not going back. 

Lily Henry bad haircut ridiculous chihuahua swallows a kangaroo

Lily making him feel better smelling the flowers

The horror

We made him a mask so the other dogs won’t mock him

This past Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Ronald McDonald House fashion show. I had SO much fun. It was an amazing group of ladies and honestly. I felt like we all just laid our cards on the table and talked and drank wine and sang. It was just an amazing night and I’m so happy  Why doesn’t love buying wine for such a fabulous charity! We’ve used the RMH room in the hospital and had such a great time. It is exactly what it says it is, a home away from home. I owe them for their hospitality, their home backed treats, their kind listening and also a tea kettle from the time when Ben was in Hospital. I was so tired I put the tea kettle on to boil, but it turned out to be one of those countertop electric kettles and I had put it on the stove full hot.  It doesn’t work that way. 

So that’s my week how are you? 

Today we are going to Marshalls to search for treasures. (I cannot believe I convinced husband to come, I’m really getting good) and then to a park to putter and about AND THEN, super exciting, date night!!! 

How’s your weekend shaping up. I am craving curry like no tomorrow. Oh and speaking of did you know IKEA Canada now serves curry and wine??!! And I saw a sign Children are free Friday 4 to close. I think that’s our new family Friday plan!!! Yay! That’s not sad right?! 

Have a beautiful weekend 💕