Home Staging

When selling your house staging it is one of the most important things. I'm not saying you need to go out and hire a stager but a couple simple things can really help your listing look better. My home isn't perfect and I could work on it forever, it's always a work in progress and … Continue reading Home Staging

Hey Babes

Hey there Monday babes! How has the week been?  We are doing pretty fabulously. The house is almost ready. Today I'm working on staging and tomorrow photos! Whoohooo, this feels like such a whirlwind. I'm doing my best to lockdown rooms as they are finished but it turns out all our rooms are really fun … Continue reading Hey Babes

Monday Vibes

Hey there Monday, Good morning my loves! What's on your agenda today? Today the small humans have school but the large human is off work so we are having a little day date. I think were planning to go to the gym and then maybe a little brunch.  Before all that we are having our … Continue reading Monday Vibes

Pill Box

We had such a busy weekend, oh my gosh! Husband is on what he calls "a spree of productivity". It's completely bizarre to be truthful. It's like all the things I asked him to do for the last 3 years just popped in his head, and he's doing them. The broken backpack hook, the curtain … Continue reading Pill Box