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We had such a busy weekend, oh my gosh! Husband is on what he calls “a spree of productivity”. It’s completely bizarre to be truthful. It’s like all the things I asked him to do for the last 3 years just popped in his head, and he’s doing them. The broken backpack hook, the curtain rod that was pulled on too hard, the fan on the third floor. Woah! I would never complain, never never, only…. I’m just slightly suspicious he was stolen and replaced with a robot. He also told me he’s going to work on kissing me when he exits and enters the house. . . . . (slow blinks). . . . I think I will keep this model. 

Okay so even though I’m working my tush off I have no real further progress on rooms fully completed. Just sneak peaks here and there. I do happen to have an entire house almost finished. The laundry room floor is in, the carpenter is coming tomorrow, there’s a little sewing that needs to be finished.  I’m hoping everything comes together this week. Yay!

I’m not fabulous with a lot of our projects, other than giving strong guidance such as “let’s move the sofa over there, push it a touch more? more, more, no no less!!” This project I could do. Our side tables received a fresh breath of life today, new paint!Benjamin Moore, Simply White, also my house trim color of choice. Canadian Tire Benjamin more is my go to, the price is the best value for paint I’ve found. These glass knobs from Restoration Hardware are my favourite. They’re lovely and pretty and always make me feel happy. This is one of my trade offs. I took an old dowdy dresser I sanded it down, lined the drawers with pretty paper, a fresh coat of paint and upscale hardware. Voila! 

Okay so house begone, let’s talk honest tidbits~ Today is pill day. Once a week I stock my pills. I wasn’t sure about sharing this, but I think it’s good. Once a week I count, I stock, I check status, I wrote notes about refills. I’m on a first name basis with my Pharmacist. Sometimes I bring cupcakes and hot cocoa. 

You know, pain is hard. It’s hard to manage, it’s hard to see. I honestly cannot imagine living with someone you love in pain. I don’t think I’m strong enough. That probably sounds odd but I don’t. I can hardly take being in it. Does that make any sense? I didn’t know if I wanted to share because if feels quite personal, but the only way you’ll know things is if I tell you. So let us go on! I think we’ve all agreed I put on a lovely show. I’ve spent a good amount of time and effort on my show and I value that. Over time I’m making friends with similar issues in pain, we support, we cry, exchange and vice versa. I believe the consensus is that the hardest thing is you can’t see the pain. It’s not like a cast, it’s silent. When our lives don’t match with what people “expect” there’s some judgement. I personally am terrible with this part. Despite all the military’s efforts I remained slightly gentler, bouncy stepped and completely thin skinned. I could never be a fighter jock, I cry too much. That’s actual fact! Seriously it is. Haha. The thing that catches me off guard and takes me down is the occasional ” It must be nice to be off work.” No. No no no. 

1. Did you just say that? That’s almost as bad as asking a woman if she’s pregnant! You know you can ask but when it turns out she’s not….. ?

2. I make peace, as best I can. I put a lot of work into that, I spend a lot of time in hospitals, I try new treatments, tests, specialists, needles and the pills, oh the pills. And my family, the comprimises, the fear, what they’ve given up. My husband is strong and my children are kind. I’m so glad of that. So do I like being at home? Honestly. No, no I don’t. I loved my job, it was kick ass and I felt like I was part of something great, even when the job wasn’t great, I was still part of something big and great.  Yes it’s nice to see my children more but would I choose this? No. No thanks. So this is my pill box. These are my regular daily drugs, I also have “breakthrough drugs” (not shown)!which are extra pain meds and such for when I need more during the day. Also, last year on a road trip to America I came across this book and snapped it up.  I bought it a little for inspiration and a little for “just in case”. I wanted to make sure husband knew how to braid the small humans hair if he ever needed. It turns out I adore the book, and Husband has learned to braid hair. I love to watch him braid Lily’s hair, it’s just the sweetest thing to see. What I didn’t know when I bought the book was that he would braid her hair because my fingers wouldn’t, and that he would also wash and braid mine, when I just couldn’t. For better and for worse. 

He can now do this look as well.
So have a beautiful week. Do something kind. Pay for someone’s coffee, buy a bouquet of flowers and hand them out randomly. No reason, just because you can brighten someone’s day. Just because you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.  ❤

with love ~Kate

(Ps I’m not editing this post because if I do I’ll delete it. I hope it’s not awful, blame Siri for most of it, lol. )

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  1. Rana says:

    Holy crap-o-la, THAT is a lot of pills to take in the run of a day, day after day and week after week with no expected end in sight.

    That is all, just my knee-jerk reaction to your pills.

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