Putter putter 

Good Morning, Good Morning!

This week husband was away on work travels so I was lone wolf with the small animals. They were actually dreamy, well mostly! 

Yesterday Henry got a haircut and it looks completely ridiculous. If you see him don’t mention it, he’s very sensitive about it. He does not in anyway look like a Lady from Lady And The Tramp, as per our pre haircut discussion and google pictures. Instead he basically looks like a naked Chihuahua that swallowed a kangaroo. We’re not going back. 

Lily Henry bad haircut ridiculous chihuahua swallows a kangaroo

Lily making him feel better smelling the flowers

The horror

We made him a mask so the other dogs won’t mock him

This past Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Ronald McDonald House fashion show. I had SO much fun. It was an amazing group of ladies and honestly. I felt like we all just laid our cards on the table and talked and drank wine and sang. It was just an amazing night and I’m so happy  Why doesn’t love buying wine for such a fabulous charity! We’ve used the RMH room in the hospital and had such a great time. It is exactly what it says it is, a home away from home. I owe them for their hospitality, their home backed treats, their kind listening and also a tea kettle from the time when Ben was in Hospital. I was so tired I put the tea kettle on to boil, but it turned out to be one of those countertop electric kettles and I had put it on the stove full hot.  It doesn’t work that way. 

So that’s my week how are you? 

Today we are going to Marshalls to search for treasures. (I cannot believe I convinced husband to come, I’m really getting good) and then to a park to putter and about AND THEN, super exciting, date night!!! 

How’s your weekend shaping up. I am craving curry like no tomorrow. Oh and speaking of did you know IKEA Canada now serves curry and wine??!! And I saw a sign Children are free Friday 4 to close. I think that’s our new family Friday plan!!! Yay! That’s not sad right?! 

Have a beautiful weekend 💕

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