The Rose House Main Bath 

Welcome to the main bath in our home. When I first walked into this bathroom all I could say was “woah”!! I’m a bit more a shiny fixture, white and grey type of gal. Wooden fixtures, wooden lights and a lamp that looked like a cows udder.  It was a lot to take in.


I’m not sure why but the wood always reminded me of pirates. I have a picture of the udder lamp but for all my searching I cannot find it. I’ll post it in ” The Rose House” album as soon as it comes out of hiding.

I wasn’t in love with the choice of vanity but as time passed it has grown on me and we decided to keep it. I began to notice that the bones of this room were very workable. The existing faucets were chrome which I took as inspiration for the remaining fixtures, including the vanity light. This bathroom makeover was really based on cosmetics and staging. Using the existing structures but updating light fixtures, textiles, art and doing a budget friendly update.

I strongly considered refinishing the vanity light fixture but in the end I found this chrome one at HomeDepot online and I liked the glam factor of it.

A sparkly ceiling light complimented the existing textured ceiling. I adore the ceiling pattern, it ads such character while keeping the light airy feel of the room.

This sweet pink rug was a fabulous Home Sense score, it ads warmth and a feminine touch. A chipped cup keeps make-up brushes handy, my favourite Italian perfume and a beautiful orchid pot completes the look.

A basket by the loo fills in an empty space while adding convenience and nicely holds extra towels but hides any extra tissue paper. I never really care to see one’s spare TP.  Wondering where all my toys are? Meet Mr. Duckie. He sits quietly next to the tub and sweetly holds all our essential bath time accessories.


Two pre-framed stock art pieces came from Home Sense as well as the oversized mirror on the adjacent wall. A gold framed picture of my hometown Nova Scotia completes the art.

On a fun family note this house is filled with the most incredible hiding spots and nooks. We took to embracing this, added in a simple white stool and…..

Theres no reason closets can’t be pretty too. The cubby is about 4 feet deep (not shown) and inside we keep pretty little things. A light,  a cushion and a story book or two. And maybe the occasional bouquet. 
Source guide:

Anchor hardware and towel bars, Pink Carpet, basket, Artwork ~ Home Sense

Lighting ~ Home Depot

Shower Curtain ~ West Elm

Duckie, step stool, window shade  ~ IKEA

And there you have it. What do you think? 

love K

3 thoughts on “The Rose House Main Bath 

  1. Rana says:

    I think you are beautiful and have quite an eye for seeing beauty in the everyday. Maybe, when you have energy to devote to something big (which will likely happen organically a bit at a time), maybe this staging, photographing and such will be a new chapter, a new calling. I wish you would come here, our house is nice, has good bones, loads of potential, kick-ass location and yet the both of us have absolutely no taste, no style, no business at all picking out furnishings and decorations.

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