last little projects 

This weeek has been a more natural pace with a little more time for me. I don’t know if we’ve talked about it much but since I started all of the drugs I’ve been struggling with my weight. 2 in particular are know for it, and the happen to be the ones we keep increasing. It’s been a losing battle, but this week…  No more! (Imagine I throw my hands up wildly! NO MORE) This week I have made a plan and planned time for me. Every day I go for a walk or the gym or ride my bike. Next week I’m going to go swimming at least one day. Small changes but get ready for the new me, wooohooo! (She’ll pretty much look like the old me but a few more wrinkles) The best part about this change is that I’m doing it with a friend. It is so much easier to commit to change if you have someone you’re committing with. Welcome my new work out buddy T! 

Other exciting things this week are 

a. I always told Lilly that when she was ready she could get her ears pierced. I remember when I was little it being the most exciting day. We went to the mall, I think it was winter and my ears were so cold/hot on the way home. I remember being so excited. I chose stars. (What was your first earring set?) I’ve always kept the same rule with Lily, when she wants to she can do it, her choice. We talk about it a lot and she always says, I’m not quite ready maybe when I’m five. Yesterday I woke up with her little tiny nose pressed against mine and staring directly in my eyes and a little whisper ‘can I get my ears pierced today?’ 

So there you have it, my tiny little baby with tiny little flowered pierced ears.   I’m starting to feel it. The rush of time. 

b. One of the very last thing on my BIG list is the laundry room washer/dryer pedestal. It is finished, it needs one more coat of paint and the laundry room will be complete.  Big yay for me as I think we are listing next week. Eeek! 

I am ready to get out of this  pre-selling finish everything stress phase and just enjoy the finished product for a couple months. This week is good but wearing me out. I fell asleep with the children last night and I slept right through. They loved it. 

What did you all do this week?

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