Monday Vibes

Hey there Monday,

Good morning my loves! What’s on your agenda today? Today the small humans have school but the large human is off work so we are having a little day date. I think were planning to go to the gym and then maybe a little brunch. 

Before all that we are having our tub refinished this morning. I think it is actually the last of the projects. I had hoped to show you pictures of the finished laundry room but tub guy is using the space and I think it might be weird if I crowded him. The laundry room is dreamy by the way. It is clean and white and functional. I’m really happy with how it has turned out. A couple little glitches but you’ll see later this week. 

How was everyone’s Easter? We had a really quiet weekend a lot of video games for the children while husband and I sorted junk in the basement. 

The Easter bunny brought sugar meltdowns  galore. 

Little Bunny asking for more candy, no more little bunny.

We are getting to the point where we are almost ready to list the house, maybe even this week. And I have started looking for places to live in Toronto. I know it sounds insane but we would like to downsize to a third of the size and really embrace city living for a year. I’m tired of stairs and I’m tired of so much space. My children will not leave my side, I am constantly shooing people out of my way. They would be happy in a one room house where the could see or touch me at all times. So I am not ruling out a traditional house but I’m also not actively searching.  An elevator, rooftop patio, party room,  all sounds pretty lovely to me. Any tips on how to find a home in Toronto? 

Happy Easter I hope you have a fabulous day­čÉ░

Love K

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