The Rose House listing 

Hello Loves,

Okay so quick update for those of you who don’t Instagram, you should really get an account by the way, so fun. The House photos are complete, the listing went out to agents today and we are officially doing home tours. Check my IG page for more updates and photos. 

Todays Update: Photos completed by the pro, I substituted a couple outdoor ones from last year so they could see the yard green vs white. Tip: thinking of moving next year? Take photos this year when the garden is in bloom.  

It just so happened last night our agent was telling us about this very sweet family with little girls that would fit in the neighbourhood so perfectly. I said bring them in before the house is listed, we are more than happy to accomodate. WELL.. the house isn’t quite yet listed and we had 5 showings today. 3 already tomorrow and I expect that to grow. I had really wanted to give you a “house staging” post today but I’m so sorry I was kicked out of my home early.  

In other poor news, I was called in to pick up sweet Benjamin who didn’t feel well, by the time I got there Jack was sitting there too. I was lucky enough to get an appointment with our doctors partner (who honestly I feel is a bit of a douche, have you ever known me to say that? I feel bad but oh my gosh I feel so strongly about this) We saw the condescending doctor and they have headaches, cough, ear infection, uggg, poor babes.

On the home front, I was hoping to run through all the rooms before we listed but wow this happened fast. …sooooo we can wait while I dredge through the rooms orrrrr… who wants to see the listing now?? I know me too! The living room did not turn out how I wanted, it feels empty yet too much at the same time, it doesn’t feel the same as it does when in it. The same goes for our bedroom. I feel like its so much lovelier in person. I’m okay with that because I always love being happily surprised.

I still promise to walk through the rooms, check “my story”on IG, we’ve been posting 60s videos every day. I have many more pictures, videos and tips to share but if you’ll give me a little grace of this insane life I promise I’ll share all my secrets with you.

Love K

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  1. Kristen says:

    Oh my goodness, so lovely! I want to be sitting in that chair on your master bedroom sunroom right now…. It all looks so peaceful. You’ve done an amazing job.

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