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When selling your house staging it is one of the most important things. I’m not saying you need to go out and hire a stager but a couple simple things can really help your listing look better. My home isn’t perfect and I could work on it forever, it’s always a work in progress and I like it that way, it’s always changing little bit and growing with us.

 My number one pet peeve house searching  is is it clean? I don’t want to see your dirty laundry or garbage. Clean your toilet, clean it like the queen is coming and then, close the lid. Ick. When searching for a home, I want to imagine myself living in it, every thought or feel I have should be filled with happiness. Urine makes no one happy. Unless you’ve recently been stung by a jellyfish. (Monica). 

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A toilet is a toilet but let’s make it clean!

Staging the house to sell is also a good way to prep for moving. I did the challenge of eliminatating 40 bags from my home in 40 days. I tossed/donated/passed down so much that I stopped counting. At first it was hard, really hard. I like my things, or so I thought, but as I passed through the house I stopped thinking about items as “how much did this cost” or “but xxx gave me that” and instead thought of them as “does it bring me joy”. Passing it on and clearing the clutter started to make me feel lighter, happier, give it a try. 

What about family photos? Oh the debate on family photos! Some realtors tell people to take down all their personal items, including photos. My thought on that is it’s a good idea to clear clutter. If your photos are overwhelming then you may want to weed out a few. You don’t want anything to be distracting, they should blend and enhance the room.  

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One of my absolute favourite moments. Completely unstaged, just a moment of love

And childhood momentos? We weeded them down. Some items were very important, first hockey goal scorecard. It’s a keeper! So we just made sure items were placed nicely and clean. I mean we do live here after all, there is no expectation for your home to be clean like a show home. 
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Clean but still fun

Here are you’re big tips

Keep it clean, less is often more, no dirty laundry or dishes, flush every toilet, twice, then close the lid, take out and hide the garbage, toilet cleaner, dish rack, kitchen counter clutter. Hide it shove it, get rid of it, whatever you need to do. Ps don’t open any of my drawers, lol.  Also have great photos for your listing. Don’t like them? Change them! It’s your home, you list it how you like. Don’t be afraid to tell your realator to work, that is their job. It’s ok! 

And finally, flowers, you know I love fresh blooms. I find they bring a smile to people’s face, so at least you leave my home with a smile. 

Happy Weekend my loves. 

❤️love K 

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