The Glass House

Hello loves, 

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this new home. It is so completely outside my comfort zone. As you know I tend to be a hundred year old or older home type of gal. I have loved The Rose House from the moment I saw her. I still remember the day, pouring over pictures at lunch with work friends. I could see the beauty and potential, I can still see how much more she could grow. I’m delighted a new family has fallen in love and I hear they have plans to make her even more beautiful. New windows and floor, I cannot wait to see what they add, I hope we can be friends. 

Discussing the move to Toronto has been an entertaining and funny experience. When I told people my vision I do believe they thought I was insane. As you know we decided to go tiny. We have basics reduce the size of our home by two thirds. Husband and I sat down and made a list of all the qualities that were important to us. Husband wanted an easy commute. My list was a little more lengthy, a nice neighbourhood with good schools, green space, play areas. I wanted large windows, a bright and open feel, a kitchen I could bake in and fit 2 cookie trays!!! 2! I love my galley kitchen, it has served me well. We call it ‘mommys cage’, as in no! Stay out of mommys cage. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’m too sore or just need to not be touched for a minute they are not allowed past the fridge, it’s my imaginary safe spot. ‘Leave mummy  alone in her cage!!!!’ ~ shouts everyone. So back to my new tiny house, where we’ll be even closer, eeep. A space for cookies, times 2, white, bright, open, kind neighbourhood. Perks that would be appreciated included were storage, gym, pool. 

I stalked the internet. If you are unfamiliar with a military move the way it goes is we have one week in the new location to arrange our new lives. It’s both thrilling and terrifying all at once. We usually have some control over which week. It’s called a house-hunting trip, HHT. As I mentioned last post, we hit the ground running. We got off the plane, checked into the hotel and went to look for a home. I had sort of fallen in love with this new build and contacted them but found that it wouldn’t be ready in time so I let it go. What I didn’t realize was that particular unit would not be ready in time but there are many more that are ready. This was the third unit we saw and I completely fell in love. It was almost exactly what I had visioned in my head. The ideal version would have at least three bedrooms, a white backsplash with a carrerra marble island but these are not deal breakers and it ticked off almost every other requirement. 

The unit we chose has 2 bedrooms. Yes. Two. How many children do we have you ask, slightly confused? Three I say, three. 

There is also what they call a plus. It was advertised as a 2+. Which means it has a den that most normal people would put a desk in, instead we have chosen to put a four-year-old in. 

Welcome to Lily’s ‘nook’

We’ve changed our plans a little, as we visited Pottery barn kids and found a little new inspiration.  So the plan has changed slightly but no, I still don’t think there will be a treehouse bed. 

I believe this is my first video share here, if you cannot watch it here check out our brand new You Tube channel. The boys have wanted it forever and I thought it would be fun if we start doing some videos. Kate Shaw You Tube

So that’s the beginning. Stay tuned for more…😘

Sweet Simple Make-Up 

Hello all my lovely friends, today we are sharing an easy go to make-up routine. I am a bit of a girly girl and I wear make up daily. If you’re just starting out or new to the make up world it can be a little overwhelming. Where can I cheat out, what colours work best, what brands to pick?  

Ok, let’s dive in!!!

Now you all know I tend to wake up looking like a haggard ass whore with last nights mascara smeared across my pillow. Don’t be me. Do bettter. In an ideal world I use the pink Clinique foaming make up remover and their moisturizer. I’m not into a big routine, if I’m having a phase of problem skin I use the Clinique toner as well.  I’m in no way religious about my routine, just try to keep it clean. 

my top make up picks:

Blush and eyeshadow: smashbox Blush & Highlight Palette~Pacific coast pink. I tend to stear clear of cheap make. Instead I like to find products that last and even better if I can multi purpose a product. I feel like these shades of pink look pretty fabulous on just about every skin colour. I use it as blush and as eyeshadow, light pink all over, a little darker at the outside corner and sweep up into the crease. Take your finger or a cotton pad and run it just under your eyebrow from the inside to the outside to make sure you have a soft blended line, you never want to have a harsh line for simple day make up. If you would like to save a little more just buy a single colour. It will last you the entire year. A solid make-up investment. 

Foundation: Arbonne CC Cream is a nice light coverage. About a quarter of a pea is all you need. I buy approximately one tube per year, and that’s using it every day! I like Arbonne products a lot, I haven’t branched into their make up yet but I like I like their business model and their morals. I’d love to try out some of their other products. 

Mascara: Step one, curl! I have terrible flat short lashes. Sweet little Lily is blessed with beautiful long lashes, I’m completely jealous. For me I have to curl them. It’s easy to do, don’t be scared. If I had to pick only one make up product this is it. Curling your lashes can completely change your face. If you have a wonderful long curled lashes skip this. Next, mascara! I received this BUXOM mascara at Christmas and I love love it. If you want another brand my runner up is L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in blackest black. (Grey tube~gold cap). 

Lips: MAC creamsheen lip glass in floating lotus. Looks fabulous on anyone. If you want to amp it up a little, any lip colour pencil underneath or over top, or both, and you can change the look of your lips a thousand different colours while not having to buy 1000 different lip products. I’m a touch sensitive with lip products and as an extra I love this particular product because it taste good and it’s not sticky! Blick.

TopCoat: MAC Studio Fix. I how love how portable this is and slips in any purse no matter how small. We all have our “little issues” and since my neck injury started to get poor my face tends to turn really bright red at a moments notice. My face gets really hot and blotches. I stopped in at the Mac store for advice, always a fabulous experience, if you need advice that’s really the place to go. We talked about my issue and they recommended this product.  It doesn’t clog my pores and it really does tame down the redness, I recommend it. I bought it last year and I’m nowhere near through it, Excellent lifespan. 

Exceptions: I don’t believe that you “need” foundation. Foundation and concealer are on an as needed basis. If you are 12 and new to make up please skip this step, keep your money! Your youthful skin is gorgeous, don’t rock the boat and put things on it, you are just asking for pimply skin. If you do have “problem” skin keeping it clean is most important. Get a non-colored peroxide product, Solugel is great. When needed I mix it together with moisturizer and apply under my foundation, a little extra dap on a spot is fine too. No matter what I always stick with a light quality foundation, don’t clog the pores it’s going to make it worse. 

So there are my favourite make up products. A super simple make up routine that takes less than 2 minutes. This is intended for daily wear but very easily you could rock this into the night. Go heavier on the eyes, eyeliner and a lip pencil and Bam you are ready to go! No more frumpy mom, easy on the go, preteen/teenage friendly, pretty in pink!

Do we need help with the application? Lily has graciously volunteered to be our model if we need. Lol 

* my fingers are numby today, this was written with the assistance of Siri and Siri was being a pain in the arse. Please ignore my poor punctuation and grammar. 

with love ~ K

Well hello TO

Hi hi everyone. I have so much to tell you. I hope you’ll cut me a little slack for the slight pause over the last two weeks. It has been INSANE, Ive barely had time to catch my breath. I’m honestly not entirely sure what day of the week it is, lol. As it is its 4 am and I can’t sleep so I though hurray, lets catch up. 

First, I don’t want to get too excited or comfortable but I do believe we have sold The Rose House. A lovely family moving from out west has purchased it pending home inspection. Depending what day of the week this actually is we should finalize today, or tomorrow, or… we’ll soon. I don’t know what you expect to find in a home inspection of a 110 year old home. It’s a hundred and ten years old! She be oooold. But oh so lovely and solid. I’m a little regretful and if we move back next year I will be quite so cross not to have my house. I’m trying not to think about that option too much.

Second, we are in Toronto! Whoop whoop! We brought the whole fam, whose favourite part may be that we rented a minivan. This mama still refuses to buy one despite the practically. 

Yesterday we took in a jays game. The smalls impressively made it the whole time and loved it. The grown ups drank beer, smalls ate popcorn and pizza. I loved it. We will be here a lot. 

The house search: We lined up about 16 places, we used an agent who was fabulous (msg me if you need someone, he was really great). By the time we got here about 11 we’re still available. To the great surprise to all our family and friends we did not look at a single house. I think we need to go back a little in the story. 

A few months back when we were talking about moving I asked husband how he would feel about a tiny home. We currently live in a 3200sq foot home. We did a lot of work on her and as you know have loved it, but you know, I’m a little tired.  Life is working me pretty hard and I think I’m ready for some “cleaner” projects. Something finished, shiny, and TINY. When I first mentioned I think he thought I was crazy. He’s always said he would one day like to live in a tiny house, but I think he meant later in life  when it would be just the two of us. Versis 3 children and a dog. I’ve been talking him down in sqarefootage ever since. Welcome to my new view:
The view is breataking, minus the tiny little tidbit where husband and I are both afraid of heights.  Turns out many pilots are. Who knew?! We are the brand new renters of nine hundred and some square feet of breathtaking city living. I don’t know exactly where our children will go to school, it’s proving a bit problematic.  I’m hoping time sorts that out and maybe we can have our school principle pull some strings, fingers crossed. Otherwise……well lets not go there, I don’t have enough Ativan to broach that topic just now. 

Well there you have it . I have tons more to share with you. Lily and I have already decided on her “nook” design. She doesn’t actually get a room, it’s more of a nook. I think you are going to be pretty inspired and impressed. 

Have a beautiful week. Now that things are settling out I can’t wait to share all our details. 

Welcome to The Glass House ❤️

Date Night

Last night as you know was date night. Date night in the spring is probably my favourite. I adore it for a variety of reasons. Number one and most importantly I am done parenting by Thursday night. I’m out. No more. I just cannot do it. Dinner, bedtime, homework, soccer practice and now house showings. F it I’m out, BOOM! (Mike drop here). Our sitter is a fabulous friend as well, I have complete trust in her). I walk out of the house and I know I can do anything, I’m completely free of parenting responsibility. It’s quite lovely. If you don’t have a sitter like that then you need to get one. Call a babysitter company, if there are any  nannies in the area ask them, ask your neighbours! Get a little piece of freedom for yourself. It mentally does wonders just to know you have have someone. 

Spring date night is probably my favourite because the world opens up. I’m not sure what it’s like where you live but up here in the sweet cold north of Canada over winter the world hibernates. It’s coated with a beautiful layer of sparking white snow and it waits patiently. Then sometime each may little green bits and buds start making their appearance.  My neighbour and I often (daily/hourly) walk about inspecting each other’s gardens and squealing with delight when we find something new peaking through.  

Last night husband suggested we walk to a  favourite local of ours Pizzzeria Gusto. It’s close enough that even I can walk there. We putter along, stopping to look at people’s gardens and houses waking up for summer. I adore it. We shared charcuterie board and then were even more delighted to run into friends and share a drink. What a fun date!

 On the way home husband suggested we walk to long way down the beautiful tree lined streets. Swoon. 

Date night doesn’t have to be fancy, but it always feels special to me. It’s important for us to have time together as couple. For a long time we didn’t have that time together and our marriage suffered. I can say that honestly now, we were on the edge of something dark.  I thinks with all the changes and stresses, surgeries, deaths, life just swirled away from us for a bit and we were no longer a team. Today I can say that’s not true, we definitely still have rocky movements, moments where I wonder, what am I fighting for here? Is this worth it? And then he takes my hand and asks me if I want to go for a walk. And I remember. 

House Showings

OK so many people have asked me how do I keep my white house clean?  And now that the house is listed and we’re having showings I am asked on a daily basis. The truth is I actually find it pretty easy and even more I’m really enjoying the cleanliness of it. I almost wish we could do this all the time but I know it’s not feasible. How I’m doing it now there is a lot of eating out, there was a lot of shouting”Don’t touch anything” or “you can play as long as you can play clean.” 

The kids are actually fantastic at it. They have all been making their beds and they help with pillows and such. In the morning and all I need to do is straighten it out beds a tiny touch and make sure everyone’s laundry made it to a basket.  I start at the boys room and sweep through the rooms until I get to the back door. There was one showing where I misjudged and thought I had time to change clothes and ended up racing out the back door just as they were coming in the front door. Phew that one was close! 
I also love that house showings make me feel like I can justify fresh flowers throughout the house. Tulip, flowers, pretty, home sense, Marshall's, cottage chic, city chic, white base, simple, beautiful, tulip pic, the rose house, kate shaw,

The only glitch has been the kids have been under the weather. I feel bad dragging them out of the house when they don’t feel well but a little guilty mom ice cream stop seems to cheer them right up. 

How is everyone’s week going? Does anyone have any tips on their favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto? Kid friendly of course. We’re going to need some friends!!

Love K