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OK so many people have asked me how do I keep my white house clean?  And now that the house is listed and we’re having showings I am asked on a daily basis. The truth is I actually find it pretty easy and even more I’m really enjoying the cleanliness of it. I almost wish we could do this all the time but I know it’s not feasible. How I’m doing it now there is a lot of eating out, there was a lot of shouting”Don’t touch anything” or “you can play as long as you can play clean.” 

The kids are actually fantastic at it. They have all been making their beds and they help with pillows and such. In the morning and all I need to do is straighten it out beds a tiny touch and make sure everyone’s laundry made it to a basket.  I start at the boys room and sweep through the rooms until I get to the back door. There was one showing where I misjudged and thought I had time to change clothes and ended up racing out the back door just as they were coming in the front door. Phew that one was close! 
I also love that house showings make me feel like I can justify fresh flowers throughout the house. Tulip, flowers, pretty, home sense, Marshall's, cottage chic, city chic, white base, simple, beautiful, tulip pic, the rose house, kate shaw,

The only glitch has been the kids have been under the weather. I feel bad dragging them out of the house when they don’t feel well but a little guilty mom ice cream stop seems to cheer them right up. 

How is everyone’s week going? Does anyone have any tips on their favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto? Kid friendly of course. We’re going to need some friends!!

Love K 

2 thoughts on “House Showings

  1. Kristen says:

    We’re on the market, and in addition to making sure the beds are made, the garbages emptied, and the laundry is hidden (IN the machines! Cold laundry usually hides in the dryer and warm lives right in the washer), I have a last minute check list of cleaning. I put all toothbrushes/soaps etc under the counter, wipe the faucets and wipe dry the sinks. Same with the kitchen sink and I hide away my drying mat and of course nothing stays on the counters (coffee makers etc go below!). I spray rose water in my bedroom (esp walk in closet) and while I work I simmer a pot of water on the stove with a glug of vanilla. Scent is so important! I tried fabreeze one time but found it overwhelming and chemical-y. The last thing I do is turn on all the lights in the house (better first impression!) and sit the girls down with a Paw Patrol show on the tablet while I wipe the floors with a wet jet type thing. Especially the main walkway looks so much better freshly mopped and shiny and it really just takes a minute.

    I bought flowers just before our photos, and we got an offer the day before they started dropping petals and looking wilted 😉 A little sad not to have an excuse to replace them, but looking forward to being off the market as soon as conditions lift.

    • thislovelydayca says:

      Oh my gosh that’s so fabulous!! So quick. I also love the vanilla trick, I agree scent is so important!!!! We should get together for coffee and make a printable checklist for house showings!!

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