Date Night

Last night as you know was date night. Date night in the spring is probably my favourite. I adore it for a variety of reasons. Number one and most importantly I am done parenting by Thursday night. I’m out. No more. I just cannot do it. Dinner, bedtime, homework, soccer practice and now house showings. F it I’m out, BOOM! (Mike drop here). Our sitter is a fabulous friend as well, I have complete trust in her). I walk out of the house and I know I can do anything, I’m completely free of parenting responsibility. It’s quite lovely. If you don’t have a sitter like that then you need to get one. Call a babysitter company, if there are any  nannies in the area ask them, ask your neighbours! Get a little piece of freedom for yourself. It mentally does wonders just to know you have have someone. 

Spring date night is probably my favourite because the world opens up. I’m not sure what it’s like where you live but up here in the sweet cold north of Canada over winter the world hibernates. It’s coated with a beautiful layer of sparking white snow and it waits patiently. Then sometime each may little green bits and buds start making their appearance.  My neighbour and I often (daily/hourly) walk about inspecting each other’s gardens and squealing with delight when we find something new peaking through.  

Last night husband suggested we walk to a  favourite local of ours Pizzzeria Gusto. It’s close enough that even I can walk there. We putter along, stopping to look at people’s gardens and houses waking up for summer. I adore it. We shared charcuterie board and then were even more delighted to run into friends and share a drink. What a fun date!

 On the way home husband suggested we walk to long way down the beautiful tree lined streets. Swoon. 

Date night doesn’t have to be fancy, but it always feels special to me. It’s important for us to have time together as couple. For a long time we didn’t have that time together and our marriage suffered. I can say that honestly now, we were on the edge of something dark.  I thinks with all the changes and stresses, surgeries, deaths, life just swirled away from us for a bit and we were no longer a team. Today I can say that’s not true, we definitely still have rocky movements, moments where I wonder, what am I fighting for here? Is this worth it? And then he takes my hand and asks me if I want to go for a walk. And I remember. 

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