Well hello TO

Hi hi everyone. I have so much to tell you. I hope you’ll cut me a little slack for the slight pause over the last two weeks. It has been INSANE, Ive barely had time to catch my breath. I’m honestly not entirely sure what day of the week it is, lol. As it is its 4 am and I can’t sleep so I though hurray, lets catch up. 

First, I don’t want to get too excited or comfortable but I do believe we have sold The Rose House. A lovely family moving from out west has purchased it pending home inspection. Depending what day of the week this actually is we should finalize today, or tomorrow, or… we’ll soon. I don’t know what you expect to find in a home inspection of a 110 year old home. It’s a hundred and ten years old! She be oooold. But oh so lovely and solid. I’m a little regretful and if we move back next year I will be quite so cross not to have my house. I’m trying not to think about that option too much.

Second, we are in Toronto! Whoop whoop! We brought the whole fam, whose favourite part may be that we rented a minivan. This mama still refuses to buy one despite the practically. 

Yesterday we took in a jays game. The smalls impressively made it the whole time and loved it. The grown ups drank beer, smalls ate popcorn and pizza. I loved it. We will be here a lot. 

The house search: We lined up about 16 places, we used an agent who was fabulous (msg me if you need someone, he was really great). By the time we got here about 11 we’re still available. To the great surprise to all our family and friends we did not look at a single house. I think we need to go back a little in the story. 

A few months back when we were talking about moving I asked husband how he would feel about a tiny home. We currently live in a 3200sq foot home. We did a lot of work on her and as you know have loved it, but you know, I’m a little tired.  Life is working me pretty hard and I think I’m ready for some “cleaner” projects. Something finished, shiny, and TINY. When I first mentioned I think he thought I was crazy. He’s always said he would one day like to live in a tiny house, but I think he meant later in life  when it would be just the two of us. Versis 3 children and a dog. I’ve been talking him down in sqarefootage ever since. Welcome to my new view:
The view is breataking, minus the tiny little tidbit where husband and I are both afraid of heights.  Turns out many pilots are. Who knew?! We are the brand new renters of nine hundred and some square feet of breathtaking city living. I don’t know exactly where our children will go to school, it’s proving a bit problematic.  I’m hoping time sorts that out and maybe we can have our school principle pull some strings, fingers crossed. Otherwise……well lets not go there, I don’t have enough Ativan to broach that topic just now. 

Well there you have it . I have tons more to share with you. Lily and I have already decided on her “nook” design. She doesn’t actually get a room, it’s more of a nook. I think you are going to be pretty inspired and impressed. 

Have a beautiful week. Now that things are settling out I can’t wait to share all our details. 

Welcome to The Glass House ❤️

2 thoughts on “Well hello TO

  1. Rana says:

    Oh my heart and the glass patio! I’m afraid of some heights too, particularly being in a tall building – perhaps a run-off of 9/11, who knows?! I’m so excited for you and a new year.

  2. kateluthner79 says:

    I’ve always wanted to live in a city for a little while. Walking to things, excitement at all hours, and just really getting to know a city. Good luck and keep us up to date!

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