The Glass House

Hello loves, 

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this new home. It is so completely outside my comfort zone. As you know I tend to be a hundred year old or older home type of gal. I have loved The Rose House from the moment I saw her. I still remember the day, pouring over pictures at lunch with work friends. I could see the beauty and potential, I can still see how much more she could grow. I’m delighted a new family has fallen in love and I hear they have plans to make her even more beautiful. New windows and floor, I cannot wait to see what they add, I hope we can be friends. 

Discussing the move to Toronto has been an entertaining and funny experience. When I told people my vision I do believe they thought I was insane. As you know we decided to go tiny. We have basics reduce the size of our home by two thirds. Husband and I sat down and made a list of all the qualities that were important to us. Husband wanted an easy commute. My list was a little more lengthy, a nice neighbourhood with good schools, green space, play areas. I wanted large windows, a bright and open feel, a kitchen I could bake in and fit 2 cookie trays!!! 2! I love my galley kitchen, it has served me well. We call it ‘mommys cage’, as in no! Stay out of mommys cage. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’m too sore or just need to not be touched for a minute they are not allowed past the fridge, it’s my imaginary safe spot. ‘Leave mummy  alone in her cage!!!!’ ~ shouts everyone. So back to my new tiny house, where we’ll be even closer, eeep. A space for cookies, times 2, white, bright, open, kind neighbourhood. Perks that would be appreciated included were storage, gym, pool. 

I stalked the internet. If you are unfamiliar with a military move the way it goes is we have one week in the new location to arrange our new lives. It’s both thrilling and terrifying all at once. We usually have some control over which week. It’s called a house-hunting trip, HHT. As I mentioned last post, we hit the ground running. We got off the plane, checked into the hotel and went to look for a home. I had sort of fallen in love with this new build and contacted them but found that it wouldn’t be ready in time so I let it go. What I didn’t realize was that particular unit would not be ready in time but there are many more that are ready. This was the third unit we saw and I completely fell in love. It was almost exactly what I had visioned in my head. The ideal version would have at least three bedrooms, a white backsplash with a carrerra marble island but these are not deal breakers and it ticked off almost every other requirement. 

The unit we chose has 2 bedrooms. Yes. Two. How many children do we have you ask, slightly confused? Three I say, three. 

There is also what they call a plus. It was advertised as a 2+. Which means it has a den that most normal people would put a desk in, instead we have chosen to put a four-year-old in. 

Welcome to Lily’s ‘nook’

We’ve changed our plans a little, as we visited Pottery barn kids and found a little new inspiration.  So the plan has changed slightly but no, I still don’t think there will be a treehouse bed. 

I believe this is my first video share here, if you cannot watch it here check out our brand new You Tube channel. The boys have wanted it forever and I thought it would be fun if we start doing some videos. Kate Shaw You Tube

So that’s the beginning. Stay tuned for more…😘

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