Okay so things here are full tilt escalating. I'm going to say we've hit insanity level.  For weeks we've been going through the house weeding out, making piles, sorting. The main piles are: Toronto, cottage, donate, sell, dump. This weekend we took the cottage pile out to the lake in a huge trailer. I say … Continue reading


Hi guys(she says sheepishly),  Forgive me, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter withlove__kate you know I've been under the weather. Totally self induced, classic putting things off and overworking myself. But so much to do!!! Okay so here's the skinny on us as of late.  Sold: The Rose House 3200sqft (according to listing, … Continue reading Tidbits

Missing Pieces

It occurs to me that over the last while I haven't been very forthcoming with information about me. I thought maybe I'd try to rectify that and answer all of the questions you may have. I'm guessing some of the questions are things such as What happened to Katie? Is she sick? Why doesn't Katie … Continue reading Missing Pieces