Missing Pieces

It occurs to me that over the last while I haven’t been very forthcoming with information about me. I thought maybe I’d try to rectify that and answer all of the questions you may have. I’m guessing some of the questions are things such as What happened to Katie? Is she sick? Why doesn’t Katie go to work? Does Katie go to work? Where does Katie work? What are the small humans like now, they’ve grown so big. How do I feel? Am I in pain? When am I in pain? Am I happy? How’s my marriage? Did outlander wickedly improve my sex life? Ohhhhh Jamie….Jamie. 

I am also furiously working to get ready for the move. To unload things we don’t need from the Rose House. We have a yard sale coming up. To be honest I’m terrified. It feels a little personal spreading all my unneeded items on the lawn. (Dark secret: I don’t like to say used/unwanted lest I hurt their feelings. Now you know, I’m fully insane. I don’t like to hurt inanimate objects feelings. It’s completely ridiculous. But there you have my dirtiest secret, shhhh.) I’ve also been kijijing our furniture. Last week I sold our dressers. The Black brown Hemnes set. It may have been slightly premature as now all our clothes are scattered about, but we’ll figure it out. Pro Tip: a quick coat of gold spray paint and you can totally pop up the dresser knobs glam factor. 

I do have more video, pictures, plans of the The Glass House. I am pretty fabulously excited!  I get to design 3 new sleeping spaces, the living area, storage solutions.   First up is we need to pick beds for Lily and the grown ups. We are moving our furniture in about a month! I would rather have everything purchased here and then be delivered into the new house, seems like less work. I’ve been scouring the Pottery Barn teen and children’s catalogues and there is some amazing inspiration in there.

Today I skipped the gym. I’m sore, my head hurts.I’m going to do a little work here 

And then go for a bike ride with Henry down the beautiful Wellington path while we still live here and the sun is shining. 

I hope you have a beautiful day. If you think of more questions for me pop me an email or leave a comment here or on my Instagram. 

Pssst: Does any have any tips on yard sales? I’m totally in the dark here. 

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