Hi guys(she says sheepishly), 

Forgive me, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter withlove__kate you know I’ve been under the weather. Totally self induced, classic putting things off and overworking myself. But so much to do!!!

Okay so here’s the skinny on us as of late. 

Sold: The Rose House 3200sqft (according to listing, I’m not sure, I thought a bit smaller) 

Rented: The Glass House 9 hundred and some odd square feet, I can’t quite find a straight answer on. Maybe our house grew a couple hundred and the condo shrank a few. 

Here is what I know so far:

I have listed most of my belongings on kijiji. I have sorted my lifes collections time and time again. In every room I come up with more. It is a scary, frightening and freeing feeling. I sold our dressers and as a result have been forced to live without. It was okay until I couldn’t find my underwear and had to go commando on proper girls outing. It’s not like they know, except obviously I told them, and we all laughed. I went to the mall yesterday. All set now! 

I walk through each room and try to see what holds my heart and what I can…let go… I have a hard time letting go. In all aspects of life (I know that was deep). Honestly though this is an entire new life we are making. We’re not just moving, I feel like we are trying to start anew. One of the number one airline questions I’ve heard is what is your weakest fault” or some such similar question. Can you look yourself in the mirror and see where you could be better? I think in the past mine has been “letting go”. Letting go of feelings, letting go of things, properties, people, anything. I’m trying to do all that in this move, while hanging on to what’s in my heart. 

I heard someone say today “when I purchase or receive things, I use them, I enjoy them, I let them go.” It rang so true. I forget that I did enjoy things and that it is okay to let go. It does not lessen the experience. And if you didn’t enjoy it, or it’s just some clutter you keep stashed about, lesson learned. Maybe you learn something about yourself and change in the future. 

I came home and filled another bin. It’s time to let someone else love them. 

On the topic of getting rid of things. 

Yard Sale: Harder than you think. That lulu lemon jacket you swooned over and paid 170$ for, a lady will see the tag marked fifty and give you two quarters. Honestly I enjoyed the extra cash and the dinner it bought, but I was so tired I fell asleep in my chicken fried rice. 

Let’s look to the future, it’s time to start getting excited! 

Location: Toronto, mid town, fabulous but really really high(scared of heights, honestly considering monkey tether straps) mental note ask Search and Rescue to review Swiss seats. Once to put up Christmas lights husband tied us together and shoved me out the third floor window with nothing but a googled Swiss seat. God knows what he’ll ask me to do in a high rise. 

5 km bike or subway hop to work. (For husband). He’ll commute, I’ll use the car. I have no idea where I work, what it’s like, what I’ll do, if I do, where my Dr’s are, where’s the pharmacy. I have no answers BUT I will not flip out, I will breathe deep, pop an Ativan if I must, show up and figure it out! Right?! I’ve got this. 

School: same distance or closer. French and English available. 

So there you go. That’s what I gots. 3 pairs of underpants and a googles Swiss seat. Wish me luck!!! I promise things are getting on track and we have a fabulous summer of beaches, bands, room designs, probably tears, I’m working on the hot mess thing, I can’t wait to spend the summer with you all. ❤️

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  1. Shelley Vanderbyl says:

    It’s so hard to get rid of things! You’re so right! Saying goodbye to items I know longer need helps the process. I can’t wait to here about your “new life” Thinking of you, what a busy season! It’ll be so nice to be settled at the cabin for a few weeks break before moving. I’m sure you’ll do a lot of processing in the time between 2 busy seasons! Xoxo

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