Okay so things here are full tilt escalating. I’m going to say we’ve hit insanity level.  For weeks we’ve been going through the house weeding out, making piles, sorting. The main piles are: Toronto, cottage, donate, sell, dump. This weekend we took the cottage pile out to the lake in a huge trailer. I say it like I was a part of it but really I just sat on the front steps and watched. 

I’ve never really noticed but apparently Husband finds our bed at the lake quite uncomfortable. I’m not a super judge, I’m pretty much always going to wake up a touch crankety and say things like “I wish you wouldn’t hit me in the back of the neck with a bat in my sleep anymore” to which he always responds “oh I’m quite sorry about that.” He’s a funny guy.  So in the great house sort there are a few items I struggle letting go of, my beautiful headboard being one of them. The dilemma is I don’t want to pay to store anything. If it’s not important enough for me to keep close then I need to figure out something to do with it or I need to let it go. I spent so long agonizing over the bed and not wanting to let it go but knowing it couldn’t go in the Toronto pile. Until! UNTIL!!!! last week husband told me how much he hated the bed at the cottage and I was all “ahhhhhhhhhh” and the light shone down. So silly of me. I feel like I treat the cottage as a temporary dwelling.  As if at any minute we will let it go and move on. If you follow my Instagram you know that is ridiculous as I adore everything about lake life. 

So why not really live there? Swap out the furniture that came with it! Make it more a home! I’m so happy we did and the bed looks incredible! 

The room is plenty large to accommodate it. It was such a win! Even husband is happy despite having to ratchet strap that king mattress into a tiny origami bird to get it out of the stairwell in the house. 

The guest room is coming along. There are some adjustments it needs, curtain rod, new headboard and new pillows are definitely in order! There’s nothing quite like fresh pillows and towels. 

How was your weekend? Fabulous I hope. 

Well I have loaned out my children, pre-made dinner and I am off to ladies date! Check you later parenting, this lady is out! 

Love K 

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