A Little Bedroom Talk 

Hey so let’s switch gears a little. Let’s talk condo life. I am so excited about the move to Toronto. I feel like it is meant to be! We have been working so hard to downsize. I try to visualize everything we have in the new space. If we’re being honest I do feel like I’m a bit of a cheater in the minimimalist department as we have the cottage and it feels like a little bit of an out. We have brought so much stuff to the cottage, though I would like to note there are rules, things go into the cottage: things must come out!  The cottage came to us fully furnished and decorated. That’s how it’s done here, they come fully furnished, I didn’t even have to buy spoons! This has actually made the bringing things to the cottage more work. The bonus is I get to keep some of my beloved items in my happiest place. Which by the way we are keeping, for now….so I’ve gotten to keep some special things I otherwise would have had to say goodbye to. 

As for the Toronto home: I have been mapping out every piece of furniture and trying to find it a home. Initially I debated whether to buy a new sofa that would be a pull out bed. I was pretty close to buying a new sofa but for some reason I couldn’t pull the trigger on it. So I started thinking about what I really want out of my home, about the spaces and functionality. I remembered in our last home when people came to visit us they were forced to stay on the sofa-bed and we had an open concept home. I always wished I had a better place for people to stay, that I could give them more privacy. I like to have a place where we can hang out and I also want people to be able to retire to their room when they’re tired, or need a break,  or just want to. . 

So we came up with an alternate plan,  we have sold the boys single over single bunk bed and purchased a single over double bunk. This way people can sleep with the boys, or we can sleep with the boys and they can take our room, there are endless possibilities and I am so much happier about this solution. It also cost less than a new sofa! Whoohoo! 

For the smallest human we have also purchased a new bed. I haven’t quite decided what to do with her current bed but after doing the measurements and really visualizing what we needed and wanted for her space I knew that if we kept her current bed we would have to give up something else. A dresser, the dollhouse, the desk? Not worth it. We decided to purchase an “extendable” bed to cut down on the space. She actually wanted a crib, no joke, and I considered it for a good while but in the end had to veto it for cuddle factor. Little pink loves to snuggle and I just cannot fit my grown up body in a crib. I did break and let her choose her new bed. It’s not necessarily what I wanted but it’s her room and she deserves a vote. I’ll make it work! I think you’ll all love it!

Master Bed:OK, here I am undecided. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at Wayfair, Joss & Main, Pottery Barn and Ikea. I’m thinking storage is going to be key. Either baskets under, drawers or even one of those pull-up storage under type beds. I have really struggled with letting the big tufted bed go, BUT luckily we figured out it would fit at the cottage! Hurray! Buuuuuttt what style do I want now? I’m not sure I will be able to decide until we’re actually into the space.  I think I’m okay with that, it’s important to feel out a space and not make too many decisions until you’re into it and get a feel for what you need vs what you want. 

So that’s where we’re at now! We are T-2 weeks until our furniture moves and only one week until we become permanent cottage people. 

Have a fabulous weekend all!

Love K 

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  1. Rana says:

    Permanent cottage people does have a nice ring to it, I must say. Sounds dreamy in a sea of turmoil.

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