Happy Birthday Canada 

This week if you have been following us on Instagram you know we have been playing hooky.  I just ran out of umf and I couldn’t go anymore. Once one of the teachers let it slip that report cards are already written I was like I am out of here!! We stayed at the lake two extra days and they were amazing! Theymay have been the best days of the year so far. We were leisurely and lazy, we went to the beach, we swam off the pier, we Pokémoned and did crafts. One of our favourite things to do is collect and paint rocks then scatter them like treasures along the beach. We decided that since it was Canada day we should paint most of the rocks red

and we also made them pretty sparkly.  Now small (and large) humans can find special little gems in the sand. We highly encourage you to participate in this as well. We must warn you things can get pretty sticky!

Glitter, herpes, craft supplies, beach crafts, easy crafts with kids, Kate Shaw, this lovely day

Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. It lasts forever.

But it is a lot of fun! 
Canada day crafts, easy Canada day craft, treasure , this lovely day

She loves to burry our treasure

 I hope you have a wonderful birthday Canada!!!

Love K 

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  1. kateluthner79 says:

    what a great idea! we love to collect and paint them too but one runs out of space for rocks in one’s life. I love this and will be doing it asap too. ps. my pocketbook is about 4lb heavy due to rocks put there by my children…

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