In which we say farewell 

This last week was hard. We are finishing our endless sorting, selling, donating, gifting (anyone want a crock pot? Lol) It’s been a long process but I’m learning “everything I need is right here”

One thing I’ve learned is that donating is far harder than you think. It takes a lot of coordination and more effort than dropping off at a bin and ignoring the ‘no xxx’ and making a run for it. I was all ‘hey I’ve got this amazing stuff I want to gift you’ and they’re all ‘uhh I don’t want your used toys just give me cash.’ I was finally able to coordinate with a Women’s Shelter and I was so happy to see it going where it made a difference. I quickly met a little family who it would go to and it made my heart so happy and yet so sad at the same time. 

Okay let’s move on or I might cry. Let’s talk logistics and planning. The small humans and I officially live at the lake. 

They are in summer camp for six weeks. Their choice! Honest. Last year I convinced them to try it for a week. They fell in love and have been talking about it for months. I love that they’re so happy and this way they get to do all the things I’m not physically able to. It’s 5 hours of sunshine, fresh air and running wild. I love it! 

In the city, the movers are presently in my home and loading boxes. Military moves are nice in that they come and pack, which is a huge relief for me.  I’d have had to call in grandma reinforcements! Husband is supervising the move, he politely asked if the children and I would remove ourselves. That’s probably fair. It would have been an emotional mess. If you follow Instagram you saw our slightly messy goodbye. I may have cried fairly uncontrollably after saying goodbye to my beautiful neighbours. It has been such a pleasure to live on the street. I felt like I was in this amazing little community and we all took care of eachother. I know we’ll see them soon, we’ll be friends for life, but we cried all the way to Mcdonalds and then we ate our feelings. ​I’m a little embarrassed but here is the video if you missed it. 

Kate Shaw Channel

If you’re on YouTube subscribe to our channel for more videos. You may have noticed I’m posting a little less. The honest truth is that with all the excitement my nervous system is a little extra charged and I’ve been too shakey to take pictures and type. The kids have been dying to post videos so we’re going to start experimenting with You Tube. They get their own channel, don’t worry you won’t have to watch them play Minecraft. 

So we have said so-long to our old life. We are diving into summer and loving it and for the next few months welcome to our home. 

I have some fun cottage updates I hope to tackle this summer. Window trim, gardening, just a little freshen. The furniture that came from the city is working out so well. So welcome to our new home. I think we’re going to have an amazing summer. Don’t forget to check for updates on Instagram and You Tube Kate Shaw (👈🏻 click here mom 😘)and of course here as well. 

What should we call it? The lake house? The beach house? What do you suggest? 

Wishing you a beautiful day, take a couple minutes for yourself, even if it means you have to lock yourself in the bathroom.)

Love K 

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