Our first week of Lake life has gone relatively well, to be honest I’ve pretty much just flaked out. On the weekend we had our fabulous Canada day /Fourth of July party with such amazing friends. I believe we had 17 people sleep in the house and there was definitely still space for more. So if I was worried about the move to Toronto and fitting into a small space, I think we prove that it’s well within reason. 

For the last two months I have been sorting and tossing and gifting and giving and I am so freaking happy to be done with that! I don’t even know what to do with myself. I find myself just sitting staring off at the lake totally mindless and I think I love it, LOL. Here’s a great question; what did we keep?? 

Items that made to cut are: desk and cubby from the boys room, the bed was cut. Sadly the hutch, the fireplace, pretty much the entire basement, outdoor Christmas, freezer, actually all the appliances, sofa bed, all the chairs in the dining room, but not the table, she’s a keeper! Our king bed shifted to the cottage, our linen dining chairs, the chairs from my bedroom. Once everything is sorted and out away it should be pretty fabulous at the lake.

We kept the marblecoffee table, about half our small appliances,  the white sofa, a rocking chair and recliner. An  antique table, which you can see in the picture below, this may be our dining table but I think I may prefer a circle.  

And what was in those boxes in the living room? 

OK, in the boxes are new covers for our Soderhamn sofa. We’ve decided to keep it and give it a try, I really like the low-profile it has, that it sectional so we could divide it into a smaller sofa and chaise lounger. My plan is to switch the chaise to the other end and simply pop it in the corner of the condo and I think it’s going to be just the right size. 

Oh my gosh did you just look at this space and have total moment of oh what the F*, what has she done?! Because I did. Calming breaths..calming breaths….

More things in the boxes; there is a large cube shelf which will ultimately be Lily’s floating wall, AND brand-new white clean cubes, I know is that not the sexiest thing but husband bought them all on his own. He said (grunted) “we need new cubes!” And presented me with 16 clean white cubes. It’s strange what becomes foreplay when you get old. 

We also have a brand-new bed for the boys, a single over double, gray lacquered finish. It creates a whole other area where guests can stay and have some sort of privacy. Kids can bunk up, we can swap around and sleep with the kids, much better than having people sleep in the living room in my opinion. The key to tiny homes is being flexibile and if you don’t care for it we can go down to the “wine cellar”and buy you a little bottle of happy. 

Okay I am off to pick up small humans from summer camp. Today was pizza on the bandstand day. How sweet is that? 

Have a rockin weekend with lots of love

Love K 

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