Tiny Transitions 

When I found we were posted to Toronto I immediately knew this was my chance, my chance to embrace something completely new, not just our house but our entire lives.  It took husband just a little longer to get on board with my visio but we both knew it was time for a new beginning and a fresh start. I’ve always had a fascination with people who can pick up and change their lives. I felt for many years that I just wasn’t living life right. On paper I looked good. Mother of 3, Airforce pilot, runner, baker, blogger, loving husband, big house. But inside I just kept thinking life was too hard, why does this have to be so hard? What am I doing wrong?? 

 I think our tiny house discussions began after my spine surgery. I spent a lot of 2015 laying on the floor watching HGTV. Tiny house hunters became one of our favourite shows. Not that it was in our future but so fun to imagine. Right?! Ironically until last week our family of 5 lived in a 3200 square-foot, 3 story century home. 

We purchased the house a few years ago, honestly it was a bit of a marriage patch. We were struggling between a deployment, 3 children under 5, me returning to work and retraining. Truthfully there was a lot of tension in our house and somehow it felt if we lived in a larger space we would have more personal space and thus create more space within our marriage. Our new home was fabulous, on a beautiful street with lovely kind neighbours, and over the years we became a community. It was last minute shared dinners, children flow freely from house to house, birthdays, holiday, wine and late night parties full of laughter. What I started to realize was that more than our home it was our community I loved, more and more the house faded into the background of what was bringing me joy.  At the same time I began to notice that the space we actually used within our home was minimal. Despite having 3200 ft.² if you look at my photos you’ll see that the children are almost always within an arms reach of me. I feel like I am the centre of the family right now. I’m the grounding point and they swirl about me. Wherever I went within the house people (and always our faithful puppy) all gravitated with me, it’s not uncommon for four people to follow me to the bathroom!  So here was the big question, If we are all just using 400 ft.² and just rotating that space through the home, do I really need all that space?

When this one year opportunity arose I knew we were going to do this! Husband and I sat down and discussed what was really important to us. What we came up with was; location, bright space, big windows, kitchen island big enough to hold two cookie trays, and minimum two bedrooms. (Husband thought we were looking for three bedrooms, but I knew we could do two so I just let him come around slowly and didn’t tell him I told the agent 2, shhhh). We ended up with a 2+ 1 bedroom condo, which means 2 bedrooms and a den. It’s an excellent location, it’s bright and open, it has incredible windows, and island big enough to hold to cookie trays and with a grand total of 968 ft.² 

This was a hard choice, the downsize has been an incredible transition but I am looking forward to a year of living simply. I’m not sure most people look at downtown Toronto as “the simple life” but no lawns, no snow, less cleaning, soooo much less cleaning! Our building is amazing. Groceries, pool, green space. Everything about it so far makes me happy. 

So our furniture is currently enroute to our new home. Husband is supervising our move. Today he got keys, he’s last minute measuring and trying to make sure everything will fit (last minute man stressing). I’m just trying to be mellow and envision what I want the space to look like and how I’m going to feel in it. I can’t tell you exactly how it’s going to work out but I am so excited about this upcoming year and sharing the experience.  I hope you’ll follow along our journey and see how a family of five, plus puppy, fit into a 2+ highrise condo in the city. 

I hope you have a beautiful day, wishing you happiness and joy. 

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Love K

10 thoughts on “Tiny Transitions 

  1. Victoria / Justice Pirate says:

    You do what you can with what you have. Your view is really lovely!!!! I think in some ways living in a more city environment could be more simple!! A lot of people who live in the city walk to where they need to go or do smaller food shopping rounds, so I think it definitely can be considered more simple!
    It is cute that all your kids would follow you around your home where you lived. It is better then wondering what they were doing and not really knowing and just doing whatever away from them in the house.

    • thislovelydayca says:

      That’s true! I rarely wonder where they are lol! I’m looking forward to our “simple city life” our building has all the amenities I need and I hope we can walk pretty much anywhere we need to go!

  2. Sarah says:

    It sounds like you have such a great set-up! Being in downtown will offer so many amenities that you are not responsible for maintaining. I look forward to seeing how it unfolds for you!

  3. jennnorrell says:

    So excited to “meet” you and follow along on your journey. I love your honesty, need for a kitchen island that can fit two cookie trays (I miss having an oven!) and how you wrote about the community that developed for you. I hope you find a new community to bring you joy in your new home!

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