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First of all I’m amazed and delighted with all my new viewers this week. Welcome!! Hi I’m Kate. You should know that I like to talk to you as if we are long lost friends. We are instantly besties. Hi Bestie!! (Hugs) I try to post on Mondays and Thursdays but with the move I’m a little off. I may have to switch to Tuesdays and Fridays. Thank you for joining my adventure, feel free to write back and know you can always ask me anything. 

Okay so….Husband has been waiting patiently at the city condo for days, our furniture delivery has taken longer than we expected. I’m a little disappointed because he could have been spending time with us at the lake, on the flip he has been able to get a lot of the trivial moving tasks done health insurance, cable, etc.   

Here is the initial condo set up we have planned

We’ve already discovered that we made one flaw in that the tv stand is too long. Luckily we have a two piece until so we can split it. 

I honest to goodness cannot find a better photo. Anyhow it will be perfect, just perfect, in half. Anyone need an ikea stand, lol? 

Movers are coming and I should have photos by the weekend. I’m honestly so excited to see what everything looks like moved in! Eeek!! 

A couple photos from husband~

Tiny house, minimalist, minimalism, family of 5, small home

Living space

Storage, condo, city living

Storage unit. Crucial!

Bathroom, condo, family, 2 baths

1 of 2 Bathrooms

Kate Shaw

The view from the boys room

Beautiful view, condo, city living, small space, beautiful space

The view from my bedroom

Condo, bike, storage, Toronto

Bicycle storage

Okay, so y’all have an amazing weekend. As soon as I have photos, you’ll have photos. Now go do something that makes you feel happy.

Love K

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