And The Deal is Done

It’s hard to believe that as of today we no longer own The Rose House. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m sad but happy. Sweet Lily and I had such a hard goodbye from The Rose House. Lily started to cry and then I started to cry and then the neighbors started to cry. Because I love ya’ll here are our hot mess ugly cry goodbye photos.

Goodbye my Rose House. I wish you a family full of love. 

(Wipes tears) 

Jumping into cottage life, we are amazing, it’s true. But life is still not as easy as I’d like. Somewhere between the move, being lone wolf (solo parent), worrying about change of physicians, work, etc my pain flared.  Husband I went to breakfast last week(ish)after dropping the smalls at camp, I admit he was a touch grumpy for all the move stuff but what better way to solve your stress than brunch at the beach! A fabulous day date.  The only problem was I forgot my pain pills and halfway through my vision blurred so much I could only see husband directly in front of me. It was a touch crappy so we ate and left quickly to go home and find pills. That’s not a part of my life I love to share and I do my best to separate it. Husband says there are three people in our relationship; me, he and my pain!  

 During the days I am so appreciative to have day camp available. It is honestly the childhood I would imagine in a perfect world. This camp is so adorable and they do what I can’t, run wild and free, play, roam, explore. It gives me the ability to spend my days mellow, appreciative of the things I have and can do but still fairly full of pain meds and narcotics. I’m doing my best to be still and allow the wave to pass. Husband will be home soon, my mama is here to help. I’m hoping she’ll help me plant a beautiful garden (hint hint).

And because you know I can’t sit still and was in need of another project: The cottage is in need of a bit of a spruce up. We are enlarging the trim around all the screens, we are going to install an outdoor shower so my house doesn’t have to be as full of sand and fixing up the bike/storage room so I don’t find it creepy every time I go in. I think it’s going to be just lovely. 

Today marks a total new begining. What should we do now???

Love K

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