Birthday Kittens

I am trying to tame myself and hold back but I am so freakin excited about this move. I have cottage tasks to do that normally would thrill me but all I can think about is Pottery Barn Kids sheets, flower markets, decorating and Neurosurgeons! ( because if you’re me second opinions with neurosurgeons makes you excited )I am so ready. OK breathe deeply and exhale, whoooooo.

Number one on the list of cottage things to do is sweet Lily’s birthday.

Can you believe that she will be five? They say that time flies, and that was a little bit bullshit, I strongly remember it felt pretty slow at certain points along the way. But then it happened, I will have no children under the age of five! How is this so? When Lily was born I had three children under five and the only thing I can say is it was hard! H. A. R. D. All of you in the thick of it, mothers and fathers, know that this too shall pass. You are right now the strongest most amazing people on earth. You’ve got this.

Who’s this little gal? 4 going on 15,

Remaining on my list of things to do cottage wise is to revamp the sun porch. New cushions for the furniture, a little paint touch up for the craft table and I’m thinking a new front door colour and more perennials around the house. Flowers that will grow and mostly take care of themselves. As much as I want to have a green thumb mine remains solid black brown I just don’t have a knack for it. Maybe this summer I could actually learn a little about the plants…? Meh! Let’s see if I can get my mom to do it for me!!

First things first, I need to find some kitty ears for a dozen little smalls. I have no idea where I’m going to get these so I should probably get a hustling.

Have a beautiful day all my beautiful friends. 

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