Sneak Peak Styling The Uptown City Condo

Part of our downsize has afforded me the luxury to add some new furniture pieces and flexibility to change our style and really just have a little fun with it. Although we are only a year in Toronto I'd like to purchase items that will grow with us and transition into any new space we may find ourselves in. I defdinitely do not want to buy items and have to immediately turnaround and sell/donate at the end of the year. My lovely friend Shelley Vanderbuild, who aside from being a fabulous artist, is also a mother of three, Air Force wife and tiny house dweller. She has given us amazing advice on our new space and how to maximize it, design your space upwards not outwards, to think outside the box and see if you can multi purpose items and thus need less.

Okay enough of this, who wants a sneak peak????!!!!!

I befriended a lovely woman moving to Toronto for the same reasons as us. She is actually living in our building and we've already begun planning Monday night ladies night. She is there ahead of us and sent us pictures of our place!!! Eeek I am so excited! Now please recall I have yet to be there so things are where they landed on unpack but let's peek anyway!

Morning coffee view. Yes I think this view will do. 

The living area~

Here you can see the living room furniture almost all fit. I was hoping the furniture had been slid to one side for move in purposes but no, if you look at the next photo …… no that's it. No more space. 

The first thing I noticed is that for a scrambled hasty unpack with guilted family and friends what a fabulous job!!

You can see here the last section of the sofa wouldn't fit (it is leaned against the far wall by the post.)  We intentionally chose this sofa knowing it could be versatile and used in sections. The other thing I love is it's low profile. With that view I don't want to miss a thing. The pile of boxes against the wall have a table under there somewhere and the white dressers need to find a better home than in the kitchen. I think a new kitchen table is in order, I'm thinking round, white, we also need some new chairs as I left mine in the alleyway behind the Rose House.

Kitchen: lovely, functional, tall cabinets. Note: must find pretty step stool. And the island, definitely big enough for 2 cookie trays!!

The boys room. I have a furniture re-jig planned, look at all the useable space in this room! It's huge! The boys need new sheets for the bottom bunk and blankets/or duvets for both. What do you think? Any suggestions on colours or patterns? I'm thinking Pottery Barn Kids or PB Teen.

welcome too Lily's nook

It's a bit awkward and more cramped than I expected. I think it's the set up, a couple quick turns and this will be the sweetest little space. 
This cube self will go on castor, pull out from the wall a touch and slide over towards the door which will give an extra six inches but won't block the light switches. A couple furniture swaps here and we will be all set!

And my room. The slowest to get attention, isn't that always the way. 

Things I need: Headboard, appropriately sized duvet, duvet cover (ordered!!!).I ordered a complete bedding set from Facebook. Yes that's right! I did it. I really needed new bedding and I'm hoping this is fabulous. I'll be sure to let you know it's from PrimaryGoods 

Okay so I hope you're starting to see my vision here. It is a bit more cluttered than expected but overall I think once set up it will be fabulous. Only 2 more weeks and I'll get to see my home, lol!

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